‘Mukh O Mukhosh’ is another LGBTQ short film by Paayel Chouudhury

By Special Correspondent

Mukh O Mukhosh (the faces in disguise) is another LGBTQ short film by Writer – Director Paayel Chouudhury.The film is
produced by Oceandream Entertainment.Sudeep, Raja, Supriyo, and Paresh are the main character of that film.The Cinematographer of this film is Nirmal Bose and Editor is Sibam Samanta.
The film has been shoot entirely in kolkata and surrounding areas.

The story is based on a transgender woman and her husband. They live happily in their inner world, full of love, in a rented house against the all odds and hatred and humiliation of society and it’s some homophobic people.

The man has to leave his wife and work in a different state to give his wife a economically secured life like the other married couples . But suddenly covid 19 situation has arrived and that turns their lives and dreams upside down. There has been worst changes of economical and social conditions for entire middle class, lower middle and lower class people during these months, our story reflects the condition. This lgbtq couple doesn’t just have to fight the covid battle and damaged eco-social situation like the straight people, but also they have to fight those homophobic society people who come in disguise as a well wisher under their dark and cruel intentions.

A well made lgbtq film by Writer – Director Paayel Chouudhury touching and mixing the lgbtq people’s problems, love, emotions, pain and their eternal diehard battles for their existence, during the covid 19 pandemic. A touchy emotional short film overall.Now under post production and will be releasing soon.

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