Mother’s Day : I thank my mom for training me good and hard to be a boss babe, says Sherlyn Chopra.

Anando Sangbad Live:When it comes to fashion, there aren’t better muses than one’s mother! Think about their fascinating whole-nine yards, bun tied with mogra flowers, or maybe the chic bouffant, oversized sunglasses oozing glamour. Some of the most famous designers have often admitted that their love for fashion can be traced back to their mothers’ sense of style. Some have claimed openly that they have been inspired by their mothers, and one of them is the most stylish and glamours actor-producer, Sherlyn Chopra.”Although my dad was a doctor my mother was really not dependent on him for her well-being, she used to run a beauty salon and had appointed me as a manager of her salon. At a young age, I remember I was in class 7, I was trained by my mother to supervise the staff the cashier and to check time to time the smooth functioning of all her hair and beauty equipment. Today as a producer and content creator I thank my mom for training me good and hard to be a boss babe. Thanks, mom, thanks for teaching me the meaning and value of entrepreneurship. Happy Mother’s Day.” Sherlyn said. the work front, Sherlyn Chopra was last seen in the rap video, Katar. Composed by Teenu and performed by Sherlyn herself, the foot-tapping rap is produced by Sherlyn Chopra Production. Besides web series, short films, and glamour videos, the Chopra girl is very much engaged in her business of high content creation as a producer and content-creator.

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