Millions of people are captivated by the seductive “Machalti Hu” music video by Reena Mehta

✍️By Special Correspondent

At a prestigious lounge in Juhu, Mumbai, the enticing music video for the song “Machalti Hu” by singer Reena Mehta was unveiled to great fanfare.

In the ethereal music video Machalti Hu, two lovers face off against a Black Magic seductress played by Jasleen Matharu, who seduces young men with her charm and allure. Young, attractive males are caught in the seductress’ web of deceit. While Jasleen Matharu’s gorgeous looks and seductive charm have an effect on the men, Reena Mehta’s golden voice gives the expertly choreographed video an air of seduction and charisma.

Among the notable attendees were Machalti Hu admirers Chaand Mishra, Sunil Pal, and Dilip Sen. With just a few days since its release, the music video, which was directed by Azad Hussain and stars Jasleen Matharu and Aamir Shaikh, has already received over 1.2 million views. The lyrics of the song, written by Akhil Raj and Aamir Shaikh, are masterfully sung by Reena Mehta and Aamir Shaikh.

‘Machalti Hu’ also stars Reena Mehta & Robin Krishna Singh in addition to Jasleen Matharu & Aamir Shaikh. Shubham Patil is the DOP of this music video that is yet another grand presentation of Reena Mehta which has stormed the music world.

Reena Mehta’s project, Machalti Hu, was produced by Ocean Music & Entertainment and was a T Series Pop chartbuster release .

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