By Special Correspondent

Medella Cancer Cure Centre, located at 87 F, BT Road, Agarpara is a cancer day care centre. Medella has one state of the art linear accelerator called HALCYON, which is only the second machine in Eastern India. This machine is made by Varian: a USA based company. This is a very patient friendly machine and is used to treat cancer patients with radiotherapy. Halcyon has a very new and innovative technology which can treat cancer patients with pinpoint accuracy. All kinds of complex planning and treatment execution can be done by this machine for the benefit of the patients. There is a separate bunker for yet another linear accelerator at Medella.

The bunker at Medella has some walls and the ceiling made of eight feet thick solid RCC as a protective measure against radiation.

Medella Cancer Cure Centre also has fifty beds for day care chemotherapy. Medella is equipped to administer the entire range of chemotherapy drugs to its patients. Medella is also setting up a unit for palliative care where patients in advanced stage cancer can be treated with supportive and symptomatic treatment only. All state of the art investigations for cancer will be made available at Medella.

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