Mass Awareness Program on Osteoarthritis & Knee joint replacement by Dr. Santosh Kumar

✍️By Special Correspondent
Knee joint Replacement is the only permanent solution for relief from the knee pain of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis wears down the cartilage of the knee. This loss cannot be compensated in any way. When these degenerated cartilages press on nerve root, the severe pain starts. Once suffering from this unbearable pain, people are forced to leave their working life,a and used to start countdown for a bedridden patient. Now the position has been changed. These patients return to their natural life after knee joint replacement.

In Indian Medical World, Dr. Santosh Kumar is a leading name for joint replacement Surgery. Starting his journey as an orthopedic surgeon, within a few years, he has focused exclusively on joint replacement surgery. Now, from 2011 to this year, he has done 15000+ knees Joint Replacement surgery alone! Today in this program of its celebration, Dr. Santosh Kumar has said that the method of transplantation of knee joint by artificial prosthesis has been changed step by step in these few decades after 1968, the year of first Knee Joint Replacement. Minimally invasive surgery has been introduced; joint replacement may be done by latest treatment – robotic surgery by fully active robotic system. As a consequence, today every joint replacement surgery is easy, secured and 100% successful to me. After the recovery, a new life is opened to a knee joint replacement surgery patient. They can easily do all types of activities again like driving, walking, shopping, travelling through public vehicles, climbing up and down to stairs treking and others. Dr. Sontash Kumar has messaged to the people that replace knee or hip joint where necessary but strengthen your mussels by exercise and physical activities from childhood.

Over the years, Poova International orthopedic Foundation deals with awareness and research in orthopedics. They also help for affordable treatment in orthopedics to the needy people. Besides Dr. Santosh Kumar also patients of knee joint replacement share their experience in this program.

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