Main Mulayam on Don Cinema

✍️By Ramiz Ali Ahmed

Real life Mulaayam Singh Yadav met with reel Mulayam aka Amyth Sethi

The most talked biopic ‘Main Mulayam’ will be released on 11february, 2021on Don Cinema.
Shree Mulayam Singh has blessed the total unit and Amyth Sethi, who is portraying the character of young Mulayam in the film.
The Film has been produced under the banner of MS films and Productions in association with Don Cinema by Meena Sethi Mondal and Mahmood Ali.
S. R Ghosh, the director of the movie has not left any stone unturned to capture the life of Netajee. The film focuses on the struggle of early life of Netajee. The producer, Mrs Meena Sethi Mondal believes that the cinema is also a medium for educating people. And Rashid Iqbal, a noted writer says that he enjoyed writing this biography. Mahmood Ali is extremely enthusiastic to release Main Mulayam in his OTT platform Don Cinema.
Artist like Mukesh Tiwari, Govind Namdev, Mimoh Chakroborty, Siajiee Sinday, Sana Amin, Ahsan Khan, Zarina Wahab and Prerna has shared screen together. M. Kahil, the DOP has explored the beauty of the film.
MS films and Productions with Don Cinema is planning to make more biopic on the eminent leaders of our country.

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