Kutchina Foundation launches of ‘Krittika Centre for Women Empowerment’

✍️By Special Correspondent

Kutchina Foundation is all set to propel towards the next level with the launch of the ‘Krittika Centre for Women Empowerment’ recently. Founded by Namit Bajoria, came into being out of concern for the need to care for the marginalized. Kutchina Foundation aspires to support the disadvantaged girl child and women, create a network of empowered and talented women social entrepreneurs and who would be force multiplier in furthering the cause of girl child and women in India. With this thought in mind, Kutchina Foundation today launched ‘Krittika Centre of Women Empowerment.’
Krittika Centre for Women Empowerment will aim toward showcasing the works of Kutchina Krittijka fellows spanned from Dimapur to Jaipur working across ten locations on eight thematic providing to more than ten thousand beneficiaries mostly women and children from margins of society. This Centre is also dedicated to credible organizations working on women empowerment for showcasing their work, exchange ideas and activities to people at large.
Speaking on the occasion Ms. Chandrima Bhattacharya, Minister of State for Urban Development & Municipal affairs, Health & Family Welfare, Land and Reforms, Refugee and Rehabilitation of the Government of West Bengal said “I am glad and thankful to Sri Namit Bajoria for inviting me for such a cause driven initiative. The need for women’s empowerment has existed for a long time but only in the last few years, it has become popular. Women’s Empowerment is the need of an hour in India because the awareness among the women is important for them to understand their rights. If they are aware of their basic rights only then women will be able to fight for it. The first step towards women empowerment starts with supporting their opinions. Boost their confidence and build their self-esteem. Encourage them to pursue their dreams, provide resources for help and be their mentor. She further added “I am pleased launching the ‘ Krittika Women Centre of Women’. We have to touch upon several lives and as a result NGO’s must come across to join hands and only proactive exchange of ideas and execution will take us towards our mission. I hereby, pass on my greetings to Sri Namit Bajoria and all the associate NGO members for coming together for this wonderful initiative.”
Ms. Leena Gangopadhyay, Chairperson of West Bengal Commission for Women said “It’s a great platform and my best wishes to the all concerned on this great beginning. There lies a great multitude of women folks unattended and we cannot do anything alone. Hand-in-hand if all the NGO’s can contribute, I feel we can reinstate confidence in women to pursue their dreams and shape their lives”.
Speaking on the occasion Sri Namit Bajoria, Chairperson, Kutchina Foundation said “Kutchina foundation envisions a vibrant philanthropic culture that inspires individual to give and serve. Gender equality is a key step towards sustainable development and ensures basic human rights for everyone. With this in mind we had started Kutchina Foundation. However, I feel we all should join hands to create a network to create an impact in the society. With the launch of the ‘ Krittika Centre of Women Empowerment ‘ there will be positive exchange of ideas amongst the NGO’s and work towards a common goal – Women Empowerment. Also, it’s a platform for all the associated NGO’s to showcase their work and find potential buyers”
About Kutchina Foundation
Kutchina Foundation, founded by Namit Bajoria, came into being out of concern for the need to care for the marginalised. Mr Bajoria, supported by a team of professionals, spearheads the activities of Kutchina Foundation. Though formed in 2007, the philanthropic activities of Founder-Director, Namit Bajoria, go back to early 2000. Among earlier projects supported were Anandaghar, Atmaja and Apanjan that focused on AIDS-afflicted poor children and women.Women are among the most exploited and disadvantaged in society. Kutchina Foundation, in its humble way, seeks to support such women through projects like Krrittika and Kriti Kanya.

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