KLIKK Will Launch it’s New Web Series ‘Taki Tells’ On July 15th, 2021

TAKI TELLS – (Story)

The web series emerges around the character, Shubhankar Bakshi, sub-inspector of Neruli Police Station. One day, he suddenly receives a call from an unknown female voice who calls and informs him, that a group of girls are being trafficked on the banks of the Ichhamati river. The river that runs through, as the border of India and Bangladesh. She pleads with Shubhankar to rescue these tormented girls. Initially he was reluctant to pay much attention to this incident. But Shubhankar has a change of heart and does end up rescuing some of those girls.

After this, the unknown girl keeps informing him of these nefarious activities in a continuous manner. Shubhankar finds himself drawn into this sinister world of women’s trafficking and the vicious wars of sworn enemies – ganglords Shankar and Naren Sudda.  As he proceeds with the investigations, gangsters target his attractive young daughter. He faces myriad obstacles from his own senior and a heinous, local corrupt politician. Shubhankar trains his gun to save his family.

Will Shubhankar be able to stop the menace of trafficking? Would he solve the case despite the political and legal pressure? Would he eventually find this mysterious girl? The narrative flows across the banks of Taki and the picturesque Icchamati – A gritty tale of gruesome gang wars, revenge, love, lust, betrayal and the law.

A crime thriller story of a different world.

Come, discover what Taki Tells.

Director – Subrata Guha Roy, Story, Title

Script and Dialogues-Shaktidhar Bir

Montage and Editing – Shuvro Roy, Cinematography – Saurav Banerjee, Background Music – Binit Ranjan Maitra, Costume – Nupur Roy.

The cast comprises of veteran actors of the television world and a clutch of uber talented and popular young theatre actors.

Significant Cast – Shankar Chakraborty (Inspector Shubhankar Bakshi), Sagnik Chatterjee – Senior (Shankar – Ganglord), Taranga Sarkar (Naren Sudda – Ganglord), Disha Samajpati (Jonaki – The mysterious girl), Sagnik Chatterjee Junior (Bablu – Shankar Ganglords right hand man and Jonakis lover), Usashi Roy (Nila – Inspector Shubhankars daughter),Bhaskar Dutta (Tarak Samanta – Civic Police),Anirban Bhattacharya (Jagadish – Local corrupt MLA), Subrata Guha Roy (Ashim Dutta – OC Neruli Police Station), Namita Chakraborty (Bula – Inspector Shubhankar Bakshis Wife) and Arjya Banerjee (Ashalata).

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