“Jhora Palok- The Epilogue” selected at the 21st Dhaka International Film Festival

  • “Jhora Palok- The Epilogue” has been selected at the prestigious 21st Dhaka International Film Festival 2023 in Cinema of the World section.

Jhora Palok- The Epilogue

Writer & Director: Sayantan Mukherjee

Produced by AVA Film Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Presented by Pawan Kanodia


JHORA PALOK (THE FALLEN FEATHER) was the title of Jibananda Das’s first collection of poems. Jibanananda is the most talked-about poet of the last century after Rabindranath Tagore from India. JHORA PALOK is a Biopic of JIBANANDA DAS .JHORA PALOK ( THE EPILOGUE) is a biopic inspired by the life and works of the poet.

Jibanananda Das has become something of a cult figure in Bengali literature over the past few decades. Any account of his life hence attracts a lot of people, both young and old. Bengali literary world spanning from the 1910s to the 1950s, with the biggest modern Bengali poet of all times at the centre of with an engaging depiction of the tram line where Jibanananda’s fatal accident happened, the film,s narrative is fashioned in the style of a non-narrative broaching the mystery hovering over the poet’s death – whether it was accident or suicide – and following it up till the end, unfolding the psychological alienation, uncertainty over employment and unprecedented literary vitriol that he faced throughout his literary career, and that, also, constitute the central tension.

JHORA PALOK (The Epilogue) is neither a plane narrative nor a scholarly research work but a worthy attempt at combining both. This is where the film JHORA PALOK (The Epilogue) significantly differs from any other Biopic, in which interpretation of Jibanananda’s poetry has been carried out along purely academic lines. The writer and director Sayantan Mukherjee, traces Jibanananda’s poetic growth, but he pays considerable attention to the poet’s psycho-sexual upheavals as well. Sayantan points out the revolutionary shifts that Jibanananda’s poetry marked in matters of diction, theme and prosodic structure. In so doing, he aptly brings out the overall literary context in which Jibanananda had to swim against the tide, Jibanananda’s personal life has been explored and it is through this exploration that some fictional elements come in. Even then, references have been made generously to sources culled from his younger brother, Ashakanananda Das; his wife, Shovona Das; his fan, Bhumendra Guha, and his fellow writers. In fact, exploration of his personal life has led Shahaduzzaman to devote almost equal space to discussing his prose fiction. Jibanananda’s fictional works, none of which were published during his lifetime, are largely ignored by readers and critics. The sub textual interpretation of this movie JHORA PALOK ( The epilogue) is Jibanananda’s fictional works ( mainly Malyaban ) is essentially tied up with the latter’s personal life. In this framework, motives and sentiments of Jibananada’s male protagonists have been understood in terms of the crises he was going through in personal life. JHORA PALOK ( The epilogue) incorporated the recent time by introducing 2 unreal characters from Jibnandanda Das’s poems, Somen Palit and Suranjana. Somen Palit (Who is a look-alike of Jibananda Das) is an introvert and lone artist of this time, obsessed with love death, and suicide. Suranjana is an eminent actor turned filmmaker of this time (Is a look-alike of Labanya ). Just after her recent break up with Somen Palit she started her first film, the film is a biopic of Jibanananda Das named JHORA PALOK.


Bratya Basu as Jibananda Das

Jaha Ahsan as Labanyaprabha Das

Rahul Arunoday Banerjee as Young Jibananda

Debshankar Halder as Sajanikanta Das

Kaushik Sen as Buddhadeb Basu

Biplab Banerjee as Premen Mitra

Shantilal Mukherjee as Satyananda Das

Srila Mujumdar as Kusum Kumari Das

Padmanabha Dasgupta as Sudhindranath Dutta

Pawan Kanodia as D K Gupta

Sudipta Chatterjee as Samer Sen


Executive Producer: Gautam Mridha

Production Designer: Hiron Mitra

Creative Director: Arindam Basu

Associate Director: Anup Nuke Ghoshal & Sumon Vaduri

Director of Photography: Avijit Nandy

Music Director: Satyaki Banerjee

Sound: Sukanta Majumdar

Editor: Pradipta Bhattacharya

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