Jharna Bhattacharya is a multi-disciplinary artist

✍️By Special Correspondent

Jharna Bhattacharya is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her charishma with pen has already made herself a well known name as a poet lyricist and writer.

Jharna who is a blessed student of famous elucutionist Jagannath Basu made her first publication with ‘Tomar Dewa Naam’ which was published from Barta Prakashani. Tomar Dewa Naam is a collection of poems which reflect emotions and feelings born deep inside. The poems immediately touched the heart of Literature enthusiasists and ordinary readers alike. Next gem born out of Jharna’s pen was ‘Monoscope’.

Monoscope consisted of 25 short stories and gives an insight into the struggle of women in this society which has been designed by Men and is run by Men only. The stories have been written in prose poetry form with the use a lot of parataxis and symbolism. Monoscope has been highly appreciated by a lot of literary experts and many of whom have considered the work as a rich modern day literary work. Such testimonials speaks the potentials of Jharna as a writer.

Jharna has also written lyrics for the songs of many stalwart singers of Bengali Music industry including Manomoy da, Sreeradha Bandhopadhaya, Lopamudra Mitra, Anindya Chatterjee, Rupankar Bagchi and many more.

Jharna has also extended herself to other forms of storytelling with elan.
Jharna has voiced over the story Nilamborer Khide which has been a best seller novel by renowned novelist Debarati Mukhopadhaya. Jharna’s voice also mesmeried thousands of audience on Doordarshan as well as at multiple shows where she turned elucutionist. In this context it is noteworthy to mention that Jharna is an active part of drama section of Akashvani.

Another work which speaks volumes about the diverse Talents this beauty posess is the documentary ‘Call of Shiva’ which revolves around Baba Rameswar Dham, arguably the oldest temple in Kolkata dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Jharna has also gained a conturned model for a number of Boutiques. She also turned model for Avama Jewelleries. Her elegant look was perhaps put to best use till date when the prestigious Tradional Saree brand Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya featured her in thier ads. Jharna’s work has been covered by numerous media houses and she has repeatedly appeared in top media publications like T2 and Sananda magazine. The drop dead beauty has also walked the ramp for number of elite fashion shows. Jharna has also recently featured in the musical short series. Apart from acting Jharna has also contributed as story song writer for the project. Jharna is also currently in talks with multiple production houses for a number of movie projects.
It can safely be stated that this versatile beauty is going to the next big thing inthe Bengali Culture Industry. Best wishes for Jharna Bhattacharje, the powerhouse of talents.

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