Announcement of Jeeo King & Queen Season 2

✍️By Special Correspondent

Jeeo King & Queen announced the second edition of its International Beauty pageant at Refinery 091, whose primary moto is “Beauty for all”. 

While explaining the idea behind this unique pageant , Sukanya Gupta the spokesperson of Jeeokingandqueen said that it is a platform for all the aspiring models and actors who might be freshers or who might have the dream to become a model or actor  but has engaged herself or himself in different walks of life . There are doctors , software engineers, teachers , housemakers and several other people from different fields. 

All the contestants go through a rigorous training n grooming process to boost their confidence and make them part of the glamour world . The groomers include Liza Varma who has groomed several Miss World and Miss Universe contestants in the past. 

Many of the last years participants are getting many opportunities in acting , modelling or sometimes as show stopper or a jury member etc . 

The participants this year will join from different parts of India and also from abroad like Dubai , muscat etc.

The whole team will visit Phi Phi for the photoshoot , videoshoot and also the grooming process starts there.

The final event will happen in Holiday Inn Kolkata where Actor Director Arbaaz Khan will be the chief judge . Many renowned people from Different fields will also be present .

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