Jack of all trades and master of many

Anando Sangbad Live : He is the Jack of all trades and master of many. He is one of those individuals who has not only been saturated with self-accomplishment and has gone out of box to create a bench mark. He has also been associated with numerous fashion walks and organizations that promote fashion. The uniqueness in Tanveer is how he goes on to succeed in all that he attempts. His Midas touch has served him well so far in his illustrious career.He has donned many hats in the course of his long career and his flawless managerial skills have allowed him to successfully execute his tasks. For instance, he has been the PR Consultant of prominent organizations who handled numerous Glam and Fashion events in eastern region and outside.Now his production company Queens Entertainment have entered the celluloid arena with the production of short and feature films along with the web productions!Khan, the founder & managing director of Queens Entertainment squeezed out his impulse that his company was keen to produce good quality films! He said “Queens Entertainment would break all barriers between the classes and masses as emotions are common to all. Discussion are in progress with (many) scripts. August will bring feather to the cap as we are about to hit the floor.Now his creative house’s quick on the draw to rock the reel and all set to flare the flicks!

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