“It is important to move forward in life with a sense of balance”:Titir

She is a free spirited and her energy is as uncontained as the mountain breeze.

Titir does not want to be typecast by the audience only as sweet girl-next-door,but has a very appetite to surprise everyone with the power of her versatility..

Titir Ganguly finally debuted in her First Feature Film
“ADHARA” directed by Orpheus Mukhoty is all set to release in the year 2021 on OTT Platform

We chat with Titir, who plays an important character in this movie.

Q.Plz tell about yourself.

I an an Advocate by profession,I love taking modelling assignments parallelly and has been juggling both careers with aplomb since February 2020.

When I was young I always wanted to be an actor.I started my career with modelling,yet personally my ultimate priority is acting.
Modelling is more like a stepping stone towards it.

No one from my family belongs to none of this profession.

My Parents have played an immense role in my growth.

I cannot thank them enough and feels extremely lucky to have such supportive,encouraging and understanding parents.Apart from them there is someone whom I call my mentor and takes suggestions from her.She is Sayantoni Sarkar,my elder sister.

Q.How do you keep yourself away from stress?

Usually,If I feel stressed and I feel I have many times in hand, then I make a quick plan and go for a short trip to somewhere for 3-4 days.The reason behind it because I love to travel because I find the change very relaxing.If I dont have that much time in my hand,then I relax my mind either by watching a good movie,going for shopping.

Q.Your favourite travel destination?

My favourite travel destinations are Goa & Mandarmani because I have many memories attached with those places.The thing is,I dont really like hill stations much instead I would like to opt for sea beaches any day.Also I would love to visit Maldives someday.

Q.How was your lockdown?

I have utilized the lockdown phase to improve my acting skills. “I have participated in lot of online classes on acting taken by Director Orpheus Mukhoty There was another course on understanding of acting and I must say that has enriched me in many ways. Initially, when the lockdown started, I was at a loss. I didn’t know what to do and it was affecting my mental health. Then, I enrolled myself in these short-term online acting classes,which keep me occupied for the entire day.

Q.What did the year 2020 make you realise about yourself?

Patience is the most important thing in life. Even if you have nothing, it is important to have patience. And patience teaches us everything else in life. That is the most important thing I learnt while staying at home. Ultimately everything will be okay.

Q.How was it working with Orpheus Mukhoty?

Orpheus Da is very chilled out. He gave me full liberty.I am thankful to Orpheus Da for his thoughtfullness behind giving me this wonderful opportunity.This project has many other star casts and i am glad that i am being able to learn so much from them while shooting the scenes.

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