‘ISKABON’ Trailer Launch

  • The trailer of Iskabon starring Sourav Das and Anamika Chakraborty has been released today at Inox,South City Mall, Kolkata
  • Iskabon is directed by debutante director Mandip Saha

✍️By Special Correspondent

Since quite a few year the Indian film industry has been preferring Content of Cinema rather than anything else.Thats ,happentually brings back to us powerful content ,powerful dialogues and enables literature to flourish.We the sudience are now travelling towards a genre where subject matter is made is a smart way backed by strong story telling.Cine-talents are coming from remote places to showcase and flourish in the craft of cinema the way they want ,with the content they cherish to move ahead with !
Having said the serious words we bring to your notice “ISKABON”! “Iskabon” is a very strong content that is being developed by the debutante director “Mandip Saha”,a small town boy with never ending urge to make powerful cinema.

To back the content we have got Saurav Das (playing the character of SATYA a native of the place where the movie is being shot and where the plot revolves around),Sanju(debuting as lead playing the character Colonel SHIB) and Anamika Chakraborty(plays the character GOLAPI).

Also stars Arindam Ganguly,Dulal Lahiri,Buddhadeb Bhattacharya.
Kharaj Mukherjee is playing a very special character and currently we are keeping the role under tight wrap and we will start disclosing the layers once the shoot starts !
As told By the director Mandip Saha,” Iskabon tells a tale of a place called Golbibi Bajar in Jangalmahal and how a local leader known as Narenji forms his own party and tries to fight for rights of people ”.He adds,” It’s about Maoist activities and life is the village and how without the notion of Narenji a love story develops within his party ,between “Golapi” and Lt Cornel Shib Mukherjee !”
Love and politics forms a very strong backdrop of the movie where hatred plays ,rage and revenge plays the antagonist .The movie,very interestingly will be shot in all the original locations and no cheats will be done or compromises will be done on the creative part.To do full justice to the actual incidents of Maoist and Naxalism only the realistic approach will be taken towards forming this movie.

“Sanju” who is debuting and playing the character of Lt cornel Shib Mukherjee will portray a tough character that spreads love,compassion and fight for the right thing.Iskabon is also a Tragic tale of relationships getting effected by Socio-Political turmoil and struggle…
The movie will talk about a India that has beauty ,value and yet most radical and harsh in so many ways !
The story has been penned by Radha Madhav Mondal.
Screenplay by Arnab Bhoumik and Anindya Mukhopadhyay.
Anindya Mukhopadhyay also scored the music of the movie .He has totally composed the music which does and real depiction of the story flow,rather it makes the story more sessitive with stalwarts like Nachiketa ..Also lending voice to play backs are Anweshaa DuttaGupta and last but never the least Rupankar Bagchi
ISKABON is being produced under the banner SMD Entertainment under the mentorship of famous industrialist Mr. Sk Abdul Lalan.
ISKABON releasing at the theatres this year.

Here is the exclusive pictures from the trailer launch event:

Pictures:Prakash Pain

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