Indie Neo-Noir film Napaak begins pre-production

  • What does a soldier do, when he’s lost everything before the war ended?

Anando Sangbad Live:The pre-production of the Indie Neo-noir film, ‘Napaak’, is all set to begin this fall. Award Winning Filmmaker Kaun Bhatia, is making his directorial debut and has co-written the film with Dev Sharma who has penned the screenplay for the same. Pre-Production of Napaak begins this October and the crew hits the floor in February 2021, shooting in and around Kolkata.

“A war veteran, suffering from PTSD, is finding it hard to keep his marriage from falling apart while simultaneously striking up a strange bond with a seventeen year old girl.”

“The film explores the dystopian headspace of this 35 year old man and redefines what Napaak(impure) really means. The relationships and the setup is anything but Paak (pure).”, said the director of the film, Kaun Bhatia.

“Subhash the protagonist of the film is not your regular hindi film hero. He is the perfect definition of an imperfect human being. Few other afflicted characters are part of this strange world. Writing these characters for screen was interesting and a bit challenging.”, Dev Sharma, the writer, added.

“Jumping from the sets of KattiNrityam, the last film I shot, which had a mythological setup, to jumping to a 1970s set is going to be super exciting.”, Soumya Barik, the Director of Photography said.

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