India’s Kitchen King – Dalda Vanaspati is now Trans-fat free

Kolkata, 21 October, 2021: We call it vanaspati while the more scientific-minded know it as hydrogenated vegetable oil – a trusted companion in our kitchen since the 1930s, where the older generations swore by its flavor, richness and good value at a reasonable price. The late 1980s, turned the spotlight on unhealthy fats, and in less than a decade, trans-fats (TFA) were found to be harmful. Ever since then, the vanaspati industry has been working tirelessly to reduce TFA and make the product safer day by day. Standing proud at the forefront of this movement of change is Dalda Vanaspati, a brand that is synonymous with vanaspati in India.

Dalda Vanaspati one of the oldest, strongest and most iconic brands in the country hosted a press conference in Kolkata, to announce that Dalda Vanaspati is now Trans-fat Free. Along with the brand marketing representative, also present at the panel discussion virtually were India’s culinary king Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and renowned Nutritionist Naini Setalvad.

Proud of the brand’s journey so far Mr. Milind Acharya, GM Marketing at Bunge India said, “Dalda has been a house hold brand in India with a rich legacy of over 75yrs. At Bunge India, we are proud of the fact that Dalda is India’s Vanaspati. What really sets Dalda Vanaspati apart though, has been our constant effort to not only meet the food safety regulations in India, but also to keep in step with global developments on health, nutrition and food safety. We at Dalda have always believed in driving for excellence to serve nothing but the best quality products to our consumers. True to our core value of ‘Safety over Profit’ we strived continuously to focus on trans-fat reduction and we are proud to announce that Dalda Vanaspati is Now Trans-fat Free- Ab sehat ke saath, swaad chakhega India! With this promise, Dalda hopes to continue creating magic in every kitchen of India, always”.

Throwing light on the buzz word of this announcement ‘Trans Fatty Acid’ (TFA) or more, simply, ‘trans-fat’, renowned Nutritionist Ms. Naini Setalvad said, “Over the last few decades TFA has become a term that strikes terror in the hearts of health-conscious people. While industry-produced vanaspati is accused of being the only offender in bringing TFA to your plate, the fact is that TFA is also hidden in other commonly consumed products. In some instances, products from animal sources can have TFA as high as upto 5%! However, current wisdom from the WHO is that a TFA amounting to less than 1% of the daily dietary intake is desirable. The total TFA content in Dalda Vanaspati has always been in line with the overall FSSAI guidelines, and now with the brand going trans-fat free as advised by the FSSAI, it is perhaps time for us to view this cooking medium in a new light altogether.”

Reminiscing the sweet nostalgia of yesteryears, Chef Sajeev Kapoor said, “From festive delicacies to lunchboxes, Dalda Vanaspati has ensured sumptuous tasty meals for generations of Indians together. I recall how the elders in my family swore by its rich aromatic taste and strongly believed that a dish wouldn’t taste the same if not prepared with Dalda Vanaspati. Not only has it been consistent in the wonderful taste it imparts to dishes, but it is also one of the most versatile cooking mediums. From adding a silken sheen to soft hot parathas to deep-frying feather light bhatures and binding golden brown samosas. From adding richness to the festive mithai to being the reliable base for everyday ghar ka khaana and snacks, Dalda Vanaspati has been the go-to choice for generations together. Amazingly, the younger generation, who typically associates it with the nostalgic taste of grandma’s cooking, is also discovering its merits for new-age cooking. The announcement of this unique culinary aid, spanning time, traditions and tastes achieving the Trans-fat free status has only assured our continued trust in its innate goodness is well deserved. I tested it myself so I know, it’s time you know too.”

About Dalda: Dalda is one of India’s iconic brands, acquired by Bunge India Private Limited in 2003 from Unilever. It is a heritage of trust handed down over generations. Dalda’s name has been part of millions of households across India for the past 75years as a result of its premium quality and adherence to high quality standards, while being nutritive and uncompromising on taste and aroma. Dalda uses Bunge’s international technology and expertise to successfully make available Dalda’s range of refined and taste oils in the Indian market.

About Bunge Limited: Bunge India is a part of Bunge Limited which is – a leading global agribusiness and Food Company for over 200 prosperous years. Bunge India buys, sells, stores and transports oilseeds and grains to serve customers worldwide; processes edible oil products for commercial customers and consumers; and make ingredients used by food companies.

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