Inauguration of Two Boulevards on Southern Avenue

Kolkata, Sunday, 8th January, 2023:
Today, two boulevards on Southern Avenue, named after Late Sunil Kanti Roy, erstwhile Managing Director of Peerless Group,were inaugurated by Mr. Firad Hakim, Hon’ble Mayor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation & Hon’ble Minister, Urban Development, Municipal Affairs, Government of West Bengal in the presence of Manisha Bose,Councillor, Ward No. 87,Smt Mala Roy, Chairperson, Kolkata Municipal Corporation & Hon’ble MP, Sri Debashis Kumar, Hon’ble MMIC, Kolkata Municipal Corporation & Hon’ble MLA, Smt. Chaitali Chattapadhyay, Hon’ble Chairperson Borough Viii, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Mr. Jayanta Roy, Managing Director, Peerless and Director, Bengal Peerless Housing Development Company Limited and Mr. Ketan Sengupta, CEO, Bengal Peerless Housing Development Company Limited.

One of the boulevards, named “Shri Sunil Kanti Roy Probin Uddyan” is dedicated to Senior Citizens. The other, dedicated to the youth, has been christened“Shri Sunil Kanti Roy Krira Uddyan”.

The initiative to adopt the boulevards celebrates the long association of Peerless and the Govt. of West Bengal,as they work towards beautification of the City of Joy.

The initiative has reached fruition thanks to the support of Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co. Ltd. -a company that Peerless set up jointly with West Bengal Housing Boardin 1994 – which has over 5,000 residential units to its credit. On receipt of the proposal to beautify the boulevards from the Councillor of Ward No. 87, Bengal Peerless immediately extended its support to the initiative.

Shri Sunil Kanti Roy ProbinUddyan
The boulevard has been refurbished keeping in mind the expectations of senior citizens in the neighbourhood, the anticipated pattern of usagefromday to night and the need for security. The areas that have been given special attention to are:
Seating Areas – Shade structure, colour, cover – Pathway – Central Lawn – New Plantations and re-plantations – Post, Installation of New cameras and sound systems – Installation of Gate –Signages etc.

Shri Sunil Kanti Roy KriraUddyan
This has been designed with the aim to convert the boulevard to a multi-play park, in keeping with the long-cherished dream of the youth in the area of a 24×7 park with various sporting amenities. The areas that have been developed are:
New Pathway / Joggers Track – New coloured fencing – Cricket Pitch and Badminton Court – Installation of New Flood Lights and Security Cameras – Gazebo, Goal Post – Signages etc.

The boulevards have been developed by Bengal Peerless as part of its CSR initiative. The Company will be responsible for maintenance of landscaping and the security area for the next one year.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jayanta Roy, Managing Director, Peerless and Director, Bengal Peerless expressed his thankfulness to the Govt. of West Bengal. He said, “Inauguration of these boulevards is the beginning of a journey towards together for betterment of the City of Joy. On behalf of the entire Peerless family, I, express my gratitude to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Smt. Mamata Banerjee and the Councillor of Ward No. 87 for making this a reality.”

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