Host of stars along with Jisshu Sengupta and Rituparna Sengupta were present to inaugurate Tathagata Ghosh’s photography exhibition “soi”

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Celebrity fashion photographer Tathagata Ghosh’s seventh photography exhibition ‘Soi’ was inaugurated. The exhibition will run from 18th to 22nd May. In this year’s exhibition, Tathagata has presented the story of two women living in the inner world of a traditional family. The name of the exhibition is ‘Soi’. If you want to know the two characters, you will have to go back to some times ago, where the inner palace was considered to be the destiny of women’s life. Their world is built around each other. They are friends (soi) of each other. The subtle moments of their lives have been portrayed in this exhibition.

Celebrities like Jisshu Sengupta, Chiranjit Chakraborty, Rituparna Sengupta, Arindam Shil, Anupam Roy, Gourav Chakraborty, Ridhima Ghosh,Debadruti, Honorable Minister Arup Biswas and others were present in the inaugural ceremony of this photography exhibition.

Actress Anusha Bishwanathan and model Soumyasri Banerjee will be seen as the model in the exhibition ‘Soi’.

While talking about the exhibition, Tathagata Ghosh said, “This is my seventh exhibition. I wanted to tell the life story of two women through several frames in this still photography exhibition. The two are friends of each other. Their world revolves around each other. But suddenly something occurs that changes their lives completely, but what was the change and how things got changed that will be portrayed through this till photography exhibition. I really liked the work of Anusha and Soumashree in the frames. Needless to say, I would never have been able to complete this exhibition without the help of Anjali Jewelers and Rangoli. Nikhil Jain’s company ‘Rangoli’ is in charge of the costumes at the exhibition and Anjali Jewelers is in charge of the ornaments.”

Here is the more exclusive pictures from Tathagata Ghosh’s photography exhibition “soi”.

All exclusive pictures of the event taken by Prakash pain

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