Homoeo Amigo opens its first homeopathy clinic in Kolkata at Gariahat

Kolkata, 4th September’22: Homoeo Amigo started with a thought of challenging the status quo of the Homeopathy Industry. It aims at reaching masses directly and making them aware about the astonishing results of Homeopathy and hence changing the way Homeopathy is perceived and used in India. With the special checks on QUALITY services through HYGIENIC and TRANSPARENT methods.

At the Homoeo Amigo’s press conference the present guest said,

“We have already touched 10k lives and added a valuable contribution in their health conditions. In the upcoming future, we strive to continue reaching masses and make a difference in every life touch, with a future plan to expand by opening 5 new clinics at
different locations of Delhi NCR by the end of 2022 and touch 1mn lives by the end of 2024.”

● Do you think that national schemes like Ayushman Bharat can play an important role in
increasing the accessibility and acceptability of homeopathy in the Indian healthcare system?

National schemes like Ayushman Bharat will definitely play a very important role in both
accessibility and acceptability of Homeopathy. Often it has been observed that people go for treatment which has some or the other attached reference to it. This can be related to Hospital, Doctor, Medicines and even Pathology labs and Medical stores. If Homeopathy is supported by the government then there is an unsaid trust and reliability attached not only to any one service provider, but the entire type of approach. This will invite service providers to invest money in providing best quality treatment to masses. Which will further increase

We repeat it time-n-again, that Homeopathy is still not widely accepted because it has myths associated with it. But also, because accessibility is a concern. Homoeo Amigo wants to fill this gap and hence serve the best healthcare to every individual irrespective of
economy class. And if National Schemes supports Homeopathy, then our journey will be
much easier and connected to people.

Homoeo Amigo opens its first clinic in Kolkata at Gariahat location. Clinic will be operating from 10AM to 8PM with doctor availability between 11AM to 7PM. We aim to provide root-cause treatment along with awareness about Homeopathy at larger level.

Bsc (Hons) BHMS, DMS, PG HOM. (LONDON), MPH. Associated Member of Royal Society of Health (LONDON) Dr. D.N. Banerjee Guest of the honour were present in this event.

Homoeo Amigo’s Franchise Dr. Amitava Mookerjee said that, “Homoeo Amigo is one of the leading business houses in the field of homeopathy. After starting over 7 units in northern India they are now focusing on eastern India and this is the first venture in eastern India. By the end of the year we hope to have another 5 units in Kolkata.”

Homoeo Amigo’s Sr. Manager- Marketing and Communication Miss Sugam Pandey said,
” We believe in transparent treatment with root cause approach to the problem. We want to reach to masses and serve them.”

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