We all clearly sense a definitive conspiracy to corrupt the youth, the pillars of our society, both physically and mentally. We all can sense the dark forces up at arms to do this job by destroying the young generation through various forms of substance abuse, online gambling through games, immoral acts online through social networking sites etc. We all are aware of the damage being done to a young mind, but how many of us are actually fighting these evils, selflessly, on the battle ground itself? Hardly any!

This is where actor, teacher of method acting and social activist Bobby Chakraborty from Kolkata, India, with his free of cost, award winning, global awareness program, ‘I AM THE KING OF MY MIND’ comes into the bigger picture,to save the destruction of the youth.
On April 5th, he conducted his highly motivating session no. 419, at Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan, which is one of the leading school in Midnapore, West Bengal.
We appreciate the collaboration of the administration of VSN and the socially responsible Principal Chanda Majumder, with Bobby , towards organising this life changing awareness program for the students of the 8th to 10th grades.
More than 600 students participated, with a lot of enthusiasm to learn the major life lessons from Bobby, to stay away from all kinds of evils,which might corrupt their Health and in turn their Career and Family. They learnt the way to be the ‘king’ of their minds. They learnt the perils and darkness lying ahead in the social networking sites and the traps being laid before a child to get overwhelmed by the virtual ‘likes’, to lose one’s self respect very easily.
Active soldier, Ankit Seth, a student from the 12th grade at South End Centre Howrah, volunteered in his 46th session with Bobby, since he was in his 5th grade. He inspired each and every soldier in the auditorium, with his powerful presentation, so much so that, everyone of them touched his feet too, along with their beloved ‘Bobbydada’.

Soldier Ankit,was also the chief photographer of this mind blowing session, assisted by soldier Noimisha, a student from the 8th grade.
The all important title of ‘The 1st Soldier’ went to soldier Aniruddha,a gifted artist , who presented Bobby, a fantastic portrait of his, written ‘I am the king of my mind’.
The winners of the surprise contest at the end were Rupomeeta, Souparno and Upamanyu, who along with Noimisha were given special prizes ,customised HCF tshirts and community service certificates.
The superhit session ended with an encouraging vote of thanks by the Principal Chanda Majumder, who appreciated Bobby and Ankit for their selfless service for the society.
The Principal , every respected teacher and the non-teaching staffs took great care of Bobby and Ankit and made them feel at home.

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