Help your family embrace a healthier lifestyle with a handful of almonds

  • An informative and power packed session, highlighting the lesser-known health benefits of almonds  

INDIA, 22 March 2022: While leading a fast-paced lifestyle and having posed with that constant pressure to perform better, we often tend to neglect our health. It is common to overindulge in unhealthy snacks when our stress levels are high. With the new definition of normal amidst the Covid-19, it is important to practice mindful eating and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is now time to again start making tweaks and adjustments to daily habits to ensure optimal health of us and our family. Keeping in mind these nuances, and to promote maintaining a healthier lifestyle throughout, Almond Board of California, today, hosted a session around “Changing dynamics of family health’’ that focused on how families across India can revisit their diet and fitness choices and instead adopt a variety of small changes to lead happier, fitter and healthier lifestyles as we step into the new year.

The session moderated by well-known RJ Shelee, featured prominent actress, Arpita Chatterjee along with Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head – Dietetics, Max Healthcare – Delhi who discussed in detail the urgent need to relook at one’s overall lifestyle choices, how families across India can revisit their dietary choices, and instead adopt a variety of small changes to lead happier, fitter and healthier lifestyles in the new year. Focusing on the significance of healthy eating, the panelists discussed the multiple lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes and heart problems and that making minor alterations like adding a handful of almonds as part of one’s daily routine can very easily help in maintaining good health and in staying fit consistently. The discussion also captured the nutritional properties of almonds and their positive impact on consumers’ health. Almonds can help promote feeling of fullness and keep hunger pangs at bay, which in turn can help family members avoid the consumption of less healthy food items. In addition to this, the multiple nutrients present in almonds including Vitamin B2, magnesium, and phosphorus are known for their role in energy release from food.  

Awareness around good food choices, and snacking habits is key to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially now when the world around us is adapting to these difficult times. But besides this, it’s also pertinent to stay fit by incorporating some form of physical exercise in the routine.

Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head – Dietetics, Max Healthcare – Delhi said, “Awareness of good food choices and snacking habits is key to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially now when the world around us is changing rapidly.  Many Indians suffer from ailments such as blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes and obesity. Whether you are suffering from one of the aforementioned ailments, or are at risk, be sure to include nuts like almonds to your family and your daily diet as they are nutrient rich and add to the body’s overall health. I always suggest including nuts such as almonds in your diet. Apart from being a source of 15 nutrients such as vitamin E, protein, riboflavin, calcium etc., this flavorsome source of energy also helps in staying active and given the vitamin E content, may also support pulmonary immune function. And years of scientific research has also established the benefits of daily almond consumption across heart health, diabetes and weight management.”

Adding to this, leading actress, Arpita Chatterjee said, “With normal lifestyle taking a new definition, a lot of us now realize the importance of staying fit and healthy. Living in a fast-paced world like ours, it’s important for every family member – old or young – to take stock of their health amidst today’s busy lifestyle. Adding healthy and natural foods like a handful of almonds to the diet is an easy way to start. Having almonds as a snack is an age-old tradition at our home that I picked up from my grandmother during our summer vacations. I too have incorporated the habit of feeding my family almonds as a snack on a daily basis and being mindful about a balanced diet to help ensure my family’s health and wellbeing. Eating a handful of almonds everyday makes for a healthy and tasty snack. Almonds also provide healthy fats, protein and fibre, all of which can help promote feelings of fullness which can also help in keeping your cravings under control. 

Modifying dietary habits and making corrective lifestyle adjustments is one of the best ways for families to ensure better health in the long term. Making small dietary and lifestyle changes like incorporating nutritious foods including a handful of almonds every day and exercising regularly, families across India can make a healthy difference to their lives. 

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