Hand Sanitiser in a sachet format

Anando Sangbad Live: ITC Savlon is known for redefining norms conscientiously. In an inclusive step forward Savlon launches its Hand Sanitiser at a price of just INR 0.50 (half a rupee). The Savlon Hand Sanitiser in a sachet format at this price makes it probably the worlds most economical hand sanitiser available today. The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented pandemic and in a responsible step forward, Savlon introduced the hand sanitiser sachet to address the issues of accessibility, affordability and availability. Designed for a one-time use, the Savlon Sanitiser Sachet is extremely cost-effective and an accessible out-of-home sanitising solution.
Developed with the help of global leaders like Givaudan, the Savlon Sanitiser in a sachet format reiterates its stringent quality norms with this world class product. The economical pricing makes Savlon sanitiser sachet almost as cost effective as a hand wash.
As the world braces to witness the new normal, hand hygiene is emerging as a global priority. The awareness of hand hygiene and its imperative need is now a well-established discourse but often access to hand hygiene becomes a challenge due to lack of facilities and resources. Organisations like WHO and UNICEF estimate that globally 3 billion people lack hand hygiene facilities at home. This is even more critical when stepping out for work especially in the low- or middle-income households.
Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, ITC Limited said, We are amidst an unprecedented global health crisis and it is imperative to accelerate our efforts in introducing innovative solutions to help fight the pandemic. Precautionary measures of personal hygiene have today become a household need besides social distancing, to contain the spread of this contagion. The launch of probably the Worlds most economically priced hand sanitizer in a sachet format is an endeavour to ensure a wide access to hand hygiene.
Ajit Pal, Regional Director, South Asia, Fragrances Division, Givaudan says, The name Savlon stands for reliability. The consistency with which ITC has upheld the various attributes that make it one of the best brands of its kind in the world is truly commendable. We at Givaudan feel privileged to have been a partner in the sensorial journey of the brand. The launch of Savlon sanitiser in a single use sachet at the incredibly low price marks a major milestone in the brand’s history. It delivers the same standards of quality and reliability that Savlon stands for but for the first time at a price point that makes it available to millions of new consumers. It meets an important health and safety need today and this launch ITC has indeed made its contribution towards a national cause.”   
Savlon India has been at the forefront of this unprecedented outbreak. To enhance supply and availability, ITC on a war footing repurposed its world class perfume facility to produce an additional 1.25 lakh litres of hand sanitisers. Savlon has been relentless in its pursuit to serve a national priority and a key step has been to accelerate innovations that can offer significant anti-viral & anti-bacterial protection. The innovative, Savlon Hexa, its advanced hand sanitiser designed for quick and persistent action, was one of the quickest launches during the lockdown, brought to fruition in a record time, to help the frontline medical staff and consumers alike. To help fight against COVID-19, Savlon launched the Zero Contact Surface Disinfectant Spray. An incredibly versatile Surface disinfectant spray that effective kills a wide range of viruses, bacterial molds and fungi on frequently touched areas with just a spray. The brand has partnered with various state Governments to ensure availability of Savlon Handwashes and Hand sanitisers and teams have been working round the clock to help innovate, manufacture and distribute to meet the exponential surge in demand for hygiene.

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