Griffins International School Launches a mental wellbeing initiative DI-COV

  • An initiative to keep the students in a positive frame of mind who have seen their family affected by the deadly virus and going through a difficult time.
  • Students are making short videos to spread positivity and awareness

Kolkata, 1st June 2021: Griffins International School, Kharagpur, in its endeavor to help each member of Griffins family, has launched DI-COV (We Will Win) – an initiative to ensure mental wellbeing. The school is conducting e-counselling sessions for Students as well as their parents. School has also organized virtual interactive session with COVID Survivors of Griffins family who have successfully managed to fight COVID and achieve victory over it. They shared their personal stories of hope, resilience, and inspiration.
School Safety Committee headed by the Principal of Griffins International School has started an e-counselling session with psychologist Dr Pragya R Chowdhury. The session aims to strengthen child – parent’s bonds, address anxiety, identify psychological needs, importance of mental fitness, answer queries, and help them to sail through this crisis. Counselor will also provide recommendations, and education to parents about mental health concerns of their children.
Students as well as their parents and staff of the schools can get the benefits of the e-counselling sessions. Parents, grandparents, students who have recovered from Covid will speak about their experiences to boost others. In this awareness drive some parents who are either doctors, nurses, counselors or associated with the medical field will also speak in short videos to spread the message.
During the current pandemic children are confined to their homes and are expected to adapt to a whole new way of learning in a quick span of time. They are not allowed to see their friends in fear of the deadly infection. These can be stressful and lead to erratic behavior among children. These children should be treated with gentle care. So, Griffins International School has taken a step forward to take care of the mental health of the students and their family.
Mrs. Sarbari Brahma, Principal, Griffins International School said, “This pandemic has posed many challenges in front of us. There is a pressing need for Mental wellbeing among Children. To tide over the pandemic-induced challenges, conducting counselling sessions for Students and their parents are deemed necessary. We must listen to them and help them ease into the new normal. We decided to conduct e-counselling sessions with a leading psychologist to support and address mental health concerns of students who are experiencing personal or academic challenges.”
Mr. Abishek Yadav, Chairman, Griffins International School, commented, “The ongoing pandemic has caused complete change in normal life. The effects of pandemic have a negative impact on people’s mental health and Children are no exception. At Griffins we are always concerned about the health and safety of our children. And we believe that mental well-being is the prime factor for overall growth. So, working on emotional resilience for students is of paramount importance for us. So, we launched this metal wellbeing initiative for Griffins family. Our main objective is to keep the students in positive frame of mind who have seen their family affected by the deadly virus and going through a difficult time”.
About Griffins International School
Griffins International School, Kharagpur (GIS) is promoted and managed by Govind Behari Yadav Trust with its registered office at Kharagpur- West Bengal. The school was founded with a vision to be a learning school that ignites inquisitive minds to innovate and inspire others.
Mr. Abishek Yadav, a chemical engineer from IIT Kharagpur and a versatile entrepreneur, is at the helm of the institution. His dream of developing & nurturing the young minds to become successful, responsible, and ethical leaders of tomorrow was the guiding principle behind the establishment of GIS, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, sprawling across 14 acres of land.
GIS is setting a new benchmark for a world class school education system with a “Safety First” approach and robust infrastructure for a New India with 24 hours CCTV surveillance and the school buses fitted with CCTV & latest GPS systems.
The school with a lush green campus provides an enabling environment for every child to excel while enjoying with Art Studio, Swimming pool, Indoor & Outdoor games, Music Studio, Robotics lab, Amphitheatre, and Apple education programme.
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