Grand Opening of Hahalolo in Kolkata

With the brand-new office opened in India, Hahalolo Travel Social Network Company will be working with local businesses to promote and develop tourism for this market in the near future.
According to the recent evaluation of Yahoo Finance, Hahalolo is the pioneering super app on travel social networks that actively contributes to the revival of the global tourism industry during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.
Hahalolo aims to become a super app that can satisfy all the users’ needs and become a place to store and develop cultures all around the world. Therefore, the new office in India – one of the largest markets in the world – will be the perfect stepping stone for Hahalolo to gradually reach that goal.

On August 29, the office opening in Kolkata will mark an important milestone in Hahalolo’s journey to conquer the international market. The event would welcome many famous influencers in technology and travel.
As the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is a cultural center with a multi-national population of French, American, Chinese, Anglo – Indians, etc. This unique characteristic creates diversity in customs and festivals unlike anywhere else in India. Kolkata is also one of the golden coordinates, possessing the potential to promote tourism, such as diversity in cultural dishes and festivals, as well as many famous architectures with rich history like the Eden Garden, Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Dakshineswar Temple, etc. Kolkata is the perfect start for anyone who wants to explore this South Asia region.
Along with cultural factors, the Hahalolo office in Kolkata also serves as a center for product management and operation in India and the whole Asian region in general.
As a member of the two largest associations in the world: the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), which connect services and utilities to 192 countries and territories, the grand opening Hahalolo India office will be a great opportunity for local travel businesses to connect to the largest ecosystem, with quality customers who are passionate about travel around the world.
This is also an opportunity for India’s cultural and tourist sites to promote their beauty to the international community through the super app Hahalolo.
Mr. James Dang – CEO of Hahalolo USA – shared about this special event that Hahalolo will continue to make the most out of the social network platform to achieve its goal: “One of the most wonderful things about the platform is that almost every content shared by users on Hahalolo are positive, with valuable knowledge about culture and tourism. It makes Hahalolo continue to honor cultural values and connect users from all over the world”.
Launched in 2019, Hahalolo hasattracted millions of registered users and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of partners, including airlines, tour operators, and hotels.
With the mission of honoring and promoting distinct cultures worldwide, recently, Hahalolo successfully cooperated with the organizers of SEA Games 31 to promote the culture of Southeast Asian countries through a series of programs accompanying the Sports Festival in this region.

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