Grand Launch of Mekhla Dasgupta’s album “Naivedya”

✍️By Special Correspondent

It was the Grand Launch of Mekhla Dasgupta’s album “Naivedya” “নৈবেদ্য”.There are a total 5 songs in total and 4 renowned music directors like Indraadip Dasgupta, Ranajoy Bhattacharya, Biswarup Ghosh and Kapil Chatterjee are associated with this project.
“Tui Asbi Kobe Bol” is the first song from the album which has been released. The other songs will come out in the coming weeks.

The images of all the Music Composers and Lyricists in the album art are hand drawn by Mekhla Dasgupta herself.

Mekhla Dasgupta along with Indraadip Dasgupta, Ranajoy Bhattacharya, Biswarup Ghosh, Kapil Chatterjee, Shieladitya Moulik, Anasua Choudhury, Nilanjan Ghosh, Shaheb Chattopadhyay, Ritam Sen, Krishnarjun Mukherjee, Sampayan Chakraborty, Subhadeep Sarkar and other eminent personalities were present at the launch.

Mekhla Dasgupta said, “The essence of life for me revolves around Music & Arts. I cannot imagine my existence without them. I do however am a firm believer of God and most importantly I believe that a living god resides within every individual. To present an offering to these beautiful gods, I have prepared 5 songs as flowers in a garland. These are my, Mekhla Dasgupta’s most precious offerings as an artist and lifelong devotee of all music loving gods around the world.”

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