Grand Launch & Announcement of Couple No.1 presented by Mahabir Danwar Jewellers

Kolkata, 23rd February, 2022: Mahabir Danwar Jewellers is making married couples feel special by their Mahabir Danwar Jeweller’s ‘Couple No 1’ contest. Weddings in India are considered eternally blissful, but it is also important to rekindle the romance and celebrate your partner each passing day. Keeping the same thought in mind, this unique, fun and
creative competition has been organised. The occasion will be glittered by the presence of jury members which includes:
Richa Sharma, Actress; Dolly Jain, Celebrity Saree Drapist & Stylist; and Naina More, Celebrity Motivational Speaker; Mr.
Vijay Soni, Director, Mahabir Danwar Jewellers; Mr. Arvind Soni, Director, Mahabir Danwar Jewellers.
The contest invites all married couples to send their exclusive couple pictures post wedding. All participating couples will undergo a screening round and only then be selected. The weekly selected couples will win the chance to visit MDJ Showroom and avail a discount voucher.
Speaking to media, Mr. Vijay Soni & Mr. Arvind Soni, Director, Mahabir Danwar Jewellers said, “We hosted Jodi Number 1 contest a while ago and we are excited to bring it back in a new form with married couples this time. MDJ is looking forward to couples who are already spending their lives together and want to be a part of their romance journey. We want to spread
joy by celebrating every special moments of these couples. This is the season of love.”
Richa Sharma, Actor, said, “Marriages are made in heaven, but they need to be cherished here on Earth. In this season of love, we invite all couples to participate in our contest. The pandemic has brought couples closer than ever before. Acting as each other’s primary and only support system, they have found a new meaning to their relationship. We want to celebrate
this companionship and want them to finally have their special moments.”
Dolly Jain, Celebrity Saree Drapist and Stylist while praising the initiative, said “We are passionate about helping couples
make special memories by providing them a platform to celebrate and showcase their everlasting love for each other. We
want to help them relive those romantic and grandiose moments from their weddings. This is a call to all the couples out there! This is your moment to shine together.”
Naina More, Celebrity Motivational Speaker said, “When it comes to matters of the heart, many love grand gestures while others prefer to keep it simple and intimate. Although the pandemic has changed our perspective towards life and love, it has also made us cherish the importance of relationships and intimate moments we share with our loved ones.”

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