Global Bicycle Brand UNIROX opens its Experience Center in Kolkata

✍️By Special Correspondent

UNIROX – a global bicycle brand and the only bicycle brand based out of Kolkata / Eastern
India, opens its Exclusive Experience Centre in south Kolkata amidst growing numbers of
bicycle riding popularity and cyclist enthusiasts during COVID times.

The new Experience Centre of UNIROX was inaugurated today, which is in fact the second
exclusive showroom of UNIROX in the city and first experience centre outside Europe, was
where the company already has many outlets.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer, a paradigm shift for bicycle producers and consumers all over the world, well noted by BBC as the “bike boom”. Health has become a top priority globally and suddenly people in countries like India, have taken up
bicycling during the pandemic, as a health / fitness need as well as a basic form of mobility.
In India, the bicycling industry has rapidly proliferated, with brands, stores, and manufacturers reporting a swelling demand. It is not just Bollywood celebrities who have
been seen enjoying a ride, the craze has reached the masses who are endorsing fitness like never before. Bicycles are a handy and affordable means to hit the road and activate a healthy life.

Speaking on the day of the launch, Mr Subir Ghosh, Director UNIROX, said, “The bicycle
industry has witnessed a massive change in this COVID-19 phase. Previously UNIROX
bicycles were available across different dealership network stores in India and Europe. This new Experience Centre will give buyers a chance to see, touch, feel and experience the entire range of our World Class Models of Cycles. It was a long-standing demand from our
customers that has motivated us to come up with this exclusive store in Kolkata. Now,
customers and interested individuals can directly buy UNIROX brand bicycles from this
exclusive showroom.
This is only the beginning, we have plans to come up with more such Experience Centres across India and Europe. Next up, we are planning such stores in Pune.

Not only European and American markets, but we are also quite positive about a large Indian market as well as other Asian markets. From a societal point of view, we are indeed
hopeful that our contributions will impact health and wellness positively as we cater to this demand upsurge, which in parallel will also be beneficial for our environment in the truest sense of the term, as the world must find alternatives to fossil fuel. We are also proudly
endorsing the popular ‘Make in India’ movement initiated by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.”

The store showcases high-end bicycles including geared bikes, cycling accessories, all
available at affordable rates and is managed by Tamal Chatterjee, who is himself a renowned cyclist, which makes the store unique in comparison to others. The store also plans to have E-cycles at a later stage.
The launch, organized by Adolina Ganguly, a lifestyle influencer, an image consultant and
event curator, was attended by most popular and famous faces and celebrities in Kolkata.

Pictures:Biswajit Saha

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