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Shahana Shome is back again with what she does best – doing justice to a soulful number, this time a Ghazal classic – ‘Mohabbat Karne Waale Kam Na Honge’ !

This nostalgic and heart touching number is perhaps one of the few pearls amongst the many in the ocean of “Ghazals”, which over decades has remained a favourite with all generations of ghazal lovers. Penned by Hafiz Hoshiyarpuri and rendered by doyens of the genre like Mehdi Hassan and Farida Khanum, this ghazal, in itself, is a cauldron of feelings and emotions which the greats have brought out in their own inimitable styles.

Sometime back she had sung ‘Yun Saja Chand’ – one of the popular ghazals by Asha Bhosle, as a special gift on the legend’s birthday.

Shahana’s interest in Ghazals is quite interesting, given the fact that she is a part of Gen Z and exposed to so many Indian and international genres of music. It is indeed heartening that we have youngsters who are so passionately connected to our roots and are carrying on the legacy of Ghazals !!

For this talented budding artist, there could not have been a bigger challenge to take up at this tender age. But then Shahana has always surprised us with her choice of challenging melodious numbers, putting her heart and soul into them. Along with technical finesse, her ability to bring out the emotions of the lyrics along with the well placed ‘harkats’ and the ‘thehrav’ in her flow, ensures a serene and soothing experience, both on the earphones as well as the drawing room speakers.

This is surely a step in the right direction by this little prodigy and we look forward to more from her. It is commendable that at this age Shahana is taking up a musical path which reflects her love and appreciation for Indian Music. In this age of cutthroat competition in the race to instant stardom and fame, Shahana’s unique and steady approach is refreshing and noteworthy.

A word for her parents here, especially her mother, who have encouraged and guided her on this journey. With hard work and dedication honing her talent, we are sure she is already carving out a name for herself in this vast music industry. Shahana says,” I am fond of Ghazals. I find my best expressions in this genre of music. It’s melodious, soulful, challenging, and touches my heart in a beautiful way. I love to travel such roads, which are often less travelled.”

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