General Directions to Avoid Covid19

1.Free hand Exercises.
2.For elderly and middle aged people-Nutrious and healthy diet with minimum sugar and maintain weight avoid over weight and eatting.

  1. Avoid mental stress ,if necessary consult with concerned doctor.
  2. Reduce co-morbidity effect.Maintain sugar and B.P status as well as WHO directed guidance and don’t forget to take regular medication.
  3. Pschiatic patient should go for regular counselling and follow concern doctor guidance.
    5.Ptient with lungs diseases,take medicines strictly and go for regular non invasive spirometry.
  4. Patients with kidney disease follow strict diet and concerned doctor instructions and medication and if necessary go for dialysis regularly.
    Doctor Uppal Hazra , Registration Number 59423 WBMC. Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Medical Cosmetology (Under Faculty of Medicine,Rajah Muthiah Medical College,Annamalai University,Tamilnadu)

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