Gas-O-Fast ropes in Biswanath Basu as the regional brand ambassador for Bengal

✍️By Special Correspondent

Gas-O-Fast, an ayurvedic antacid brand from the house of Mankind Pharma, has yet again onboarded Biswanath Basu as its regional brand ambassador for the Eastern market. The brand and the renowned actor have continued their association and will be launching a new TVC that will be unveiled on the occasion of Bengali New Year. The collaboration also marks the launch of Gas-O-Fast’s new range of flavors.

The brand always aims to create a direct connection with the consumers leveraging personalized content consumable in their own regional language. With Gas-O-Fast naming Biswanath Basu as its regional brand ambassador, the brand aims to intensify its reach and regional connection in the Bengal market. The overall association will be to drive maximum visibility for the brand and drive importance of Gas-O-Fast as a companion to enjoy acidity free occasions and provides INDIA KE ACIDITY KA INDIAN SOLUTION.

Biswanath is a famous Bengali actor and has worked in numerous movies. The main objective behind the partnership is to drive visibility for Gas-O-fast and its efforts to reach the masses in the Bengal market thereby capturing a greater market share. 

Speaking on the association, Biswanath Basu said, “Considering that stomach related problems are very much relevant in our everyday life, we want to reach out to as many people as possible to help them seek out a viable solution for the problem. By collaborating with Gas-O-Fast we are determined to increase the product visibility in the Bengal market and create a top-of-the mind recall value as the potential solution for all your stomach related problems.” 

Talking about the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing of Mankind Pharma said, “As a brand we firmly believe that a content is well received by the audience when portrayed in their own vernacular language. Our collaboration with Biswanath Basu is aimed at garnering a better connection with Bengal audience by taking liberty of personalized content which becomes more relatable when communicated in their own language”

In the last one and a half year, Gas-O-Fast has shown consistent growth marking an upsurge in revenue with 100 percent growth in varied markets. It register an average sale of approximately 1 crore every month and the brand is very optimistic that the numbers will see a surging effect given to the rising demand in the market.

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