Gangour puja by Purva Kolkata Maheshwari Sabha

Since 2009, the Purva Kolkata Maheswari Sabha has been organizing the Gangour Mahotsav, known as Puva Kolkata Gangour Mahotsav. The three-day celebration aims to spread the cultural essence of Rajasthan in Bengal and honor Lord Isar and Mata Gawarja. Women celebrate Gangaur with fervor, praying to Goddess Parvati/Gauri for a prosperous spring, abundant harvest, and marital harmony, while also seeking blessings for their husbands’ health and longevity. Both married and unmarried women participate enthusiastically, crafting clay images of Shiva and Parvati, adorning them, fasting for marital happiness, and preparing delicious dishes for the family.

This year, under the leadership of PKMS President Rajesh Chandak, the festivities feature rituals, mehndi, cultural programs, Gangour songs performed by members, a procession, and daily prayers at the Gangour puja mandap, beautifully adorned to reflect the festive spirit. Industrialist and philanthropist Smt Shashi Bangur inaugurated the festival as Chief Guest, expressing delight at its grand celebration and its potential to inspire youth towards Rajasthan’s culture. She also charmed the audience with her rendition of a famous Rajasthani Gangour song.

Hemant Marda, the chief coordinator of the Gangour festival, highlighted the vision of founder president Jiwan Lal Bahety and Bhawar Lal Rathi in initiating the festival in 2009, with support from Suresh Jhawar and Gopal Damani.

Each year, the festival evolves, aiming to transport Kolkata residents to Rajasthan while promoting the cultures of Bengal and Rajasthan.

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