From Lata tribute to Hamma Hamma song Sourendra-Soumyajit had offered a powerpacked performance in city

Recently their offerings “Ore Grihabashi” of Tagore has received a lot of response on YouTube. A different kind of music video of Rabindranath’s Vasant song captures live music, dance, color play in the College Street neighborhood of city Kolkata.They do various experimental works with music. The musical pair Sourendra-Soumyajit. One plays the piano, another creates magic with his soulful voice. In live shows, many classic songs are mixed with various musical instruments to give a different look. Sometimes it is a medley of the top songs of the popular Hindi serial titles heard in childhood, sometimes it is a medley of popular advertisement songs that entertains the audience. Sometimes it is a touch of classical music, sometimes the concert of Sourendra-Soumyajit, sprinkled with Rabindranath’s songs, means the hope of getting something new. Recently in a live concert they had paid a tribute to legendary Lata Mangeshkar at Science City Auditorium. Sourendra-Soumyajit enthralled the audience by singing a medley of Lata Ji’s songs featuring noted musicians.
A.R. Rahman’s composition was not left out. Jiya Jale, Jaan Jale to Hamma, Hamma. Accompanied by live instrumentalists, chorus singing groups too. Finally, on the request of the audience, they had rendered Bhanusingha Thakurer Padabali song Aju Sakhi Muhu, Muhu. Sagnik Roy was the mastermind behind the concept and curated the event. He said,” I am very keen on Indian art,music, culture.I always try to incorporate them in my events. It was very exciting to put up a musical show, it’s set , design its costumes,lights, makeup. We invited Sourendro-Soumyojit as their presentation is very comprehensive in nature with many underlying layers , and the whole team made this evening memorable with their outstanding performance, as always.” Sourendro said , ” We have always loved performing in kolkata as it has a very vibrant audience who are open to experiments, love varied forms of music.
We were happy to assemble so many instruments of varied origins – when the sitar Sarode flute played together – it resonated of our Maihar band – when the chorus harmonised- it reminded Salil Chowdhury and when we sang Tagore , D L roy – the full audience joined
We were thrilled to the brim with a full auditorium.” Soumyajit said, ” As musicians we are privileged to perform all over the world.Many evenings, many cities , different people, different stages, but there are some evenings which keep a long resonance in your memory for quite some time. I think this performance we had in Science City auditorium celebrating hundred years of Income Tax Bar Association is one of those special evenings.”

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