First-ever Anti-bacterial toothbrush launched by Colgate

  • Formulated with silver-ion bristle technology, Colgate Zig Zag Anti-bacterial toothbrush repels bacteria from attaching to the bristles

Anando Sangbad Live: Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care in the country, announced the launch of the all-new Colgate Zig Zag Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush, a first of its kind in the Zig Zag portfolio. The brand has signed the inspirational Ayushmann Khurrana as the brand ambassador for the launch.
Equipped with 100% silver-ion anti-bacterial bristles, Colgate India’s latest Zig Zag Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush repels bacteria from the bristle surface by disrupting their ability to form colonies. When our toothbrushes are stored, bacteria are known to form colonies and spread diseases by attaching themselves to the toothbrush bristles and eventually ending up in our mouths while brushing. Any disruption in this ability prevents the growth of bacteria and stops the spread of environmental bacteria.
In addition, Zig Zag’s multi-angled bristles remove germs in between teeth and comes along with a soft tongue cleaner that gently removes odour causing germs for fresher breath. Its flexible handle reduces pressure on the wrist while brushing and softly massages gums, offering superior benefits for overall protection.
Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Arvind Chintamani, Vice President, Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, said, “At Colgate, we are constantly innovating to help consumers lead healthier lives and Colgate Zig Zag Anti-bacterial is a result of this mission. We have introduced advanced silver-ion bristle technology on Colgate Zig Zag Anti-bacterial toothbrush at an affordable price ₹30. You can find this brush now in millions of stores across the country and on e-commerce platforms.”
Decoding the Science behind Colgate India’s latest innovation, Prof. Dr. Porus S Turner, leading Dental Surgeon and Implantologist said, “There is a great potential to have a proven antibacterial toothbrush worldwide. India has a large population that needs to be made aware of the importance of such sensitive oral health issues that could curb the growth of bacteria causing diseases.”
The Zig Zag Anti-bacterial toothbrush is available at offline and e-commerce stores and is sold in singles and multipacks which start at the price of ₹30.

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