Fashion designer and social worker Anushree Malhotra and Arpita Chakraborty’s N.G.O. helps the underprivileged people with their new range of organic clothing

✍️By Special Correspondent

Fashion designer and social worker Anushree Malhotra and social worker Arpita Chakraborty’s N.G.O, Tanuz Vocational Training Society’s new range of organic clothes, ‘Khudey’ has been launched at Science City Auditorium with pomp and luxury. Tanuz Vocational Training Society works for the underprivileged women and children of the slum area of Dhapa. From 2020, the N.G.O has been working hard for a better lifestyle and better health of the women by empowering them, and to educate the poor children of this area. This time, they included the women in making of the clothes for their new organic range. The clothes were made by the underprivileged women, and the children of the slum area showcased dresses at the launch of ‘Khudey’. To encourage them, many celebrities from the tollywood industry, including, Sudipta Chakraborty, Debjani Chatterjee, Chandreyee Ghosh, Sohini Sarkar, Sampoorna Lahiri, were present in this inauguration program. Stars like, Sayantani Guha Thakurta, Anuradha Mukherjee, Om Sahani, Mimi Dutta, Gulshanara Khatun, Remoo, were also present there. They encouraged the children throughout the entire program. Councillor of Ward no. 58 (Dhapa), Sandipan Saha, councillor of ward no. 65(Ballygunge), Nivedita Sharma, and her husband Sushil Sharma, councillor of ward no. 87 (Southern Avenue), Manisha Basu, Bilal Khan, president of South Kolkata District TMC Minority Cell, were the chief guests of this program.

About ‘Khudey’, Anushree Malhotra shares, “Khudey is a new venture of Tanuz Vocational Training Society. With this new brand of organic clothes, we are starting a new journey of a dream project. I am thankful to all the celebrities, who came here to make the program successful. Their support encourages me to work for the people.”
Arpita Chakraborty says, “This new venture of Tanuz Vocational Training Society will make organic clothes for little children. The makers of these dresses are real strugglers of life and they are also very organic people. In the way all the women of our team, who are regularly fighting with the hardship of their life, helped us to make this attempt successful, and executed the whole thing in a very proper way, is really praise worthy, and I don’t have enough words to thank them. Tanuz Vocational Training Society is working for the people from the very first day, and ‘Khudey’ is another step to be with the underprivileged people. I hope that all of you will support us to make this attempt very much successful.”

Anando Sangbad Live’s photographer Biswajit Saha had taken the exclusive pictures of that event.

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