“Elo Maa Dugga”—the brainchild of Eso Bondhu and Rooh Music

Anando Sangbad Live :As the white autumn clouds float in, blooming lotuses smile upon stretches of water bodies lining lush fields of Kaash flowers. With the dawn of our Maa’s arrival upon us, the tunes of new music waft around our ears so as to welcome her with an extravagant symphony. “Elo Maa Dugga”—the brainchild of Eso Bondhu and Rooh Music combined, warms up our dancing feet for Durga Puja 2020. With tunes that tickle our earbuds and rhythmic voices that unknowingly make us sing our hearts out along with them, “Elo Maa Dugga” welcomes our Maa Durga perfectly this year.

Eso Bondhu Creation is a collaboration of the last 16 artists that took part in Zee Bangla’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa musical reality show in 2019. The video and song has been produced and presented by Kaushik Sarkar of RL IDENICO UDYOG and co-produced by Tomojyoti Mukherjee, owner of the music label Rooh Music. The 16 talented artists include—Gourab Sarkar, Ankita Bhattacharyya, Rahul Dutta, Ananya Chakraborty, Rishita Saha, Prativa Dutta, Abanti Sithi, Pritam Roy, Gurujeet Singh, Sneha Bhattacharya, Tanmoy Biswas, Sampa Biswas, Abhratanu Ghosh, Arman Lama, Somdatta Das and Suman Majumdar. The master direction was carried out by Prasanta Kumar Sur and the concept & cinematography was brought to us by Rishi Roy Chowdhury.

From the lyrical grandiosity of Manik Bera and the foot tapping composition of Rahul Dutta, “Elo Maa Dugga” is a song that we will be singing for Maa for years to come. The ingenuity of the entire team that has yielded an outcome of 40K likes and counting in 24 hours and counting, is a feat solely rewarded to their creative artistic insights and capabilities.

Despite the catchy tunes of the song, the storyline covers a broader aspect of the ongoing pandemic that has changed our lives completely. Through and through, the warriors that have perched themselves at the frontlines of this incorrigible disease are the ones we seem to appreciate the least—nurses and the police force. From inculcating severe lockdown rules to persistently taking impeccable care of the corona virus infected patients, these heroes are overlooked and with the arrival of our Maa we not only celebrate her triumphs but also of the heroes we seemed to have forgotten.

The video of “Elo Maa Dugga” celebrates the arrival of Maa Durga and also the two uniforms of heroism. We see in the beginning of the video how a mother is saddened by the call she receives from her daughter, the nurse, on her hectic schedule that might hinder her arrival at their homely Durga Puja. We also see the struggle of the police officer relative who is also unsure of his presence. But as the song progresses, we witness the magic of this triumphant festival, and the family is brought together to celebrate the Mother Goddess.

As we suffer together during this worldwide pandemic, we at RL IDENICO UDYOG along with our artists and music label have tried to soften the fear that is constantly blowing us away. Through this song and it’s suppository music video we strive to normalise the fear instilled minds and radiate positive vibes along with the festive mood of this year’s Durga Puja.” – Kaushik Sarkar, Owner of RL IDENICO UDYOG.

Elo Maa Dugga” captures the concept of both musical genius as well as the heroism in battle against a parasitic entity. A song that lets us live in our dreams and lets us forget our reality, a song that radiates positive energy and most importantly, a song that welcomes the Goddess we have been adoring since the beginning of time, Maa Durga. As she nears our sanctum, let us welcome her with a song that not only warms hearts but also gives us a hope we don’t want to let go of.

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