Elite Fashion Carnival 2023 – Season 2 Redefines Glamour in Kolkata

The Elite Model Academy hosted the highly anticipated Elite Fashion Carnival 2023 – Season 2 at Kolkata. This glamorous event was proudly presented by Skill Pro India, an initiative by the visionary entrepreneur, SK Gupta. The Elite Fashion Carnival was an extravagant showcase of fashion, style, and talent, bringing together the crème de la crème of the fashion industry and beyond. The event took place at the prestigious Elite Model Academy, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of glamor and sophistication.

The Elite Fashion Carnival 2023 – Season 2 was graced by: Mr. Pawan Kumar Patodia, Principal Owner of Kolkata Thunderbolts; Ms. Yukta Shah, Actress; Mr. Manpreet, Supermodel; Mr. S.K. Gupta, Founder and CEO, Elite Model Academy & many other eminent personalities.

Speaking to the media, Mr. S.K. Gupta, Founder and CEO, Elite Model Academy said, “I express my happiness by looking at the overwhelming success and thank everyone who contributed to making the Elite Fashion Carnival a grand success. My vision was not only to launch the Elite Model Academy, but also to make sure that the students of my academy get an opportunity to evolve and find true success in this industry. We make sure that our students get full placement and also get opportunities to showcase their talent in events like this.”

The runway came alive with mesmerizing collections from leading designers, setting new trends and pushing the boundaries of creativity. The event showcased a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting the dynamism of the fashion industry. Guests were treated to appearances by celebrities and influencers from various sectors, adding an extra layer of glamor to an already star-studded evening. The Elite Fashion Carnival 2023 – Season 2 wasn’t just about fashion; it was a celebration of culture. Attendees were treated to captivating cultural performances that highlighted the diversity and richness of Kolkata’s heritage.

The winner of Elite Fashion Carnival 2023 was Soumya Chandra, the mesmerizing walk that was presented by Soumya had put the judges awestruck. The winner of the Elite Fashion Carnival has been awarded with 02 Lakhs of prize money. The event also marked the crowning of winners in various categories. Among the hundreds of participants, the winners judged were, “Subho Mazumdar” for Bengal Tourism, “Rishav Thakur” for Colour with Light, “Adarsh Das” for Carnival Dress, “Antara Banerjee” for Colourful Fashion. These winners represent the future of the fashion industry, showcasing incredible talent and promise.

The Elite Fashion Carnival 2023 – Season 2 was a testament to the city’s vibrant fashion scene and the growing influence of the Elite Model Academy. As the curtains close on this edition, anticipation builds for the next chapter in the Elite Fashion Carnival’s journey.

About Elite Model Academy: Elite Model Academy is a premier institution dedicated to nurturing talent in the field of modeling and fashion. With a commitment to excellence, the academy has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of numerous successful models.

About Skill Pro India: Skill Pro India, an initiative by Mr. SK Gupta, is at the forefront of empowering individuals with skills that are essential for success in today’s dynamic world.

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