Durga Puja Offerings at Glook The Sky Lounge

Who- Glook The Sky Lounge

What- Pujo Anando Adda

When- 1st October to 5th October 2022

Time- 12noon to Late Night

Where- BG-12, 5th Floor, The Terminus, BG Block, Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata-700156

Brief- Durga Puja is a way of life for the people of Kolkata. The five days of celebrations are a heady mix of food, love, culture and a good dose of lively chaos. This festival in Kolkata is synonymous with food, the city offers a myriad of choices for foodies to indulge. Keeping this in mind, Glook The Sky Lounge is here to make the festivity a grand affair. From endless authentic bengali lunch buffet to delicious all-day A la carte dishes, indulge your taste buds at this spectacular fine dining lounge along with some great music under one roof. One can enjoy amazing cocktails and mocktails options, with mesmerizing views of Kolkata only at Glook The Sky Lounge. So, drop in at Glook The Sky Lounge with your friends and loved ones, to delve into the Pujo celebrations.

On the Menu- Enjoy authentic bengali lunch buffet that has endless mouthwatering options like Golmorich Doi Shorbat, Aampanna, Chana Motoshutir Chop, Kalojeerer Paneer Tikka, Kasund Fish Tikka, Gondhoraj Murgi Fry, Sobuz Salad,Aloo Chola Makha,Pora Tomato Chutney, Gota Moonger Salad, Rasun r Kachalanka Chutney, Gondhoraj Lebu, Aloo Bhaja, Potol Bhaja, Kumro Bhaja, Beguni, Bori, Papad, Luchi, Trikona Paratha, Sada Bhaat, Basanti Pulao, Cholar Dal Kaju Kismis Diye, Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal, Aam Kasundi Aloo Dum, Chanar Dalna, Doi Katla, Dhakai Bhuna Murgi, Morich Mangsho, Baked Mihidana, Govindo Bhog Chaler Payesh and Ice Cream.

On A La carte taste delicious delicacies like Pesto Arancini, Dumpukt Murg Biryani, Chingri Macher Salmi, Peri Peri Drumstick, Parmesan Chicken, Kasundi Fish Tikka,  Dhakai Kosha Mangsho, Chingri Macher Malai Curry, English Chicken Tikka and much more.

Pocket Pinch- For a bengali lunch buffet it is Rupees 1199 plus taxes per person, while for A la carte it is Rupees 2500 plus taxes (without Alcohol) and Rupees 3500 plus taxes (with Alcohol) for two people.

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