Devi Chowdhurani – shoot starts from tomorrow ie. 27th January 2024

Devi Chowdhurani” stands poised as an eagerly anticipated cinematic masterpiece, representing a ground-breaking venture that is yet to grace the global film stage. This film holds the promise of redefining storytelling with its compelling narrative and innovative cinematic techniques.

Prepare for a visual extravaganza as “Devi Chowdhurani,” the biggest budget Bengali film to date, is all set to go on floors. This magnum opus promises to redefine the Bengali film industry’s standards, combining grandeur, storytelling finesse, and technical brilliance. The ambitious production is poised to elevate Bengali cinema to new heights, attracting attention not just regionally but on a national and international scale.

As the cameras start rolling, audiences can expect a visual feast that seamlessly blends the cultural tapestry of Bengal with the grandeur of international filmmaking.

  1. Research, Screenplay, Dialogue, Production Design and Direction: Subhrajit Mitra
  2. Produced by: ADited Motion Pictures and LOK Arts Collective
    Presented by Aparna Dasgupta.
  3. D.O.P: Anirban Chatterjee
  4. Look Design: Somnath Kundu
  5. Costume Design: Poulami Gupta
  6. Music Direction: Bickram Ghosh

Prosenjit Chatterjee: Bhavani Pathak
Srabanti Chatterjee: Profullo / Devi Chowdhurani
Sabyasachi Chakrobarty: Haraballav Roy
Arjun Chakrabarty: Rangoraj
Bibriti Chatterjee: Nishi
Darshana Banik: Sagor
Kinjal Nanda: Brojeswar Roy

Subhrajit Mitra’s Quote
The battle begins. See you in the cinemas soon.

Aparna Dasgupta’s Quote
Founder of ADited Motion Pictures, Ms. Aparna Dasgupta who has over a decade of success in distributing Indian films across North America said, “With my experience of being associated with various areas of films starting from Producing, Distributing, Organizing Film Festivals and others, I was looking for the right people to take it to the next level with me. In Aniruddha & Soumyajit, I found two passionate and out-of-the box thinking film soldiers. We are bringing Devi Chowdhurani as the first of our slate of movies bcoz it highlights the fierce leadership quality of women and is therefore a story which is very close to my heart. We are extremely honoured and delighted to have Bumba-da with us in our maiden effort and feel that we have a stellar team who can bring Subhrajit-da’s extraordinary vision to life.
At ADited, we look forward to providing a platform for new and bright talents also in our future movies and keep bringing stories that have the soul of the Indian root but ambition and appeal for the global Indian & South-Asian diaspora.

Soumyajit Majumdar’s Quote
Tollywood actor Soumyajit Majumdar who turned filmmaker-producer with multiple international award winning Bengali feature film #Homecoming , is the Founder-Director of LOK Arts Collective .Soumyajit shares ” While travelling across USA last year with my film I had gotten in touch over a call with Aniruddha da and Aparna di as I knew of them as being pivotal frontrunners in South Asian cinema distribution across USA and Canada. We connected instantly over a common goal to take compelling Indian cinema to the world and our shared love for our city of birth Kolkata. Though we couldn’t meet regularly, we kept in touch over regular discussions in cinema and explored our collaboration spaces .I was amazed by their passion and zeal to take Bengali Cinema to new heights first by producing Devi Chowdhurani – Subhrajit Da’s magnum opus.
Here we are – beginning our film producing collaboration slate with this film!
Bumba da and myself spoke about working together on something last year. The manifestation worked. Happy to be a part of a talented and passionate team.

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