Cyrus Sahukar stands out in Kadakh

Anando Sangbad Live : Kadakh has got critical acclamation across the internet. Cyrus Sahukar plays Yogesh, a motivational speaker who sometimes find it easy to tell others how to live their own life than have any reflection of his own. It is a tricky character with a lot of shades who tries to bring the broken pieces of everyone’s life together while his own life is a mess. He has been much appreciated by the critics and the audience for his portrayal of the character. Yogesh to some extend provides the film with a crucial character in a very nuanced manner.
Cyrus has played a motivational character that is more of a flawed person who says things straight, just as they are. The actor has an electrifying presence and has been completely sunk into his character with dialogues such as ‘You are your own competition’ and many such other such takeaways lines that are viral on social media. The actor not only rose above the regular audience expectations but has also truly shown a remarkable transformation as a writer in Bollywood.
Sharing his excitement Cyrus says, It was an amazing experience of being in the writing team as all of us have different ideologies and I explored different shades of human emotions. It was lovely to have a house-party and experience different cultures of different people who are put in a situation they never thought they might be in. As the dialogue writer of the film, it was interesting to write Yogesh with a lot of selling punchline likes, ‘You are scared of your own success.’ and ‘You need to get out of your comfort zone’ and penning them down was indeed a remarkable experience.”
The actor host and comedian is looking forward to more writing and creating projects.

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