Cook an immunity boosting meal on Mother’s Day

Ms.Mita Shukla(Dietician Fortis Hospital, Anandapur)

Anando Sangbad Live:This year has brought along a tumultuous turn of events. Most of us have locked ourselves within the walls of our homes. The burden of working from home and at home has doubled our responsibilities. While we seek validation for smallest of chores completed, our mothers have worked tirelessly for years without the feel-good support of Instagram and Facebook.
On any other year we could take our mothers out for a meal, order a gift, and buy flowers or even a card. The lockdown blew away all those options. But humankind always finds a way to be grateful. Ms. Mita Shukla, Dietician Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, has suggested a brilliant and thoughtful way to surprise our mothers. Cook them a nutritious meal!
“The best approach to overcome this difficult time is to develop eating habits that will keeping the disease at bay. Immunity is the need of the hour. Increasing source of protein, vitamin C and micronutrients will help boosting it”, said Ms. Shukla
So if you are lucky enough to be staying with your mom you can surprise her by cooking a wholesome healthy dish; and children who are away from home should advice their mother to take care of themselves.
Chicken, fish and eggs are the best source of protein. If you are willing to be extravagant, chicken tikka is a good option. It contains vegetables and also uses less oil. Apart from this a chicken platter with boiled vegetables alongside a small portion of rice is a plate full of nutrients and celebration.
Chenna is loaded with healthy fats and tons of calcium that make bones strong. A sandwich or paratha with chenna stuffing is a nourishing option. Using whole-wheat flour (atta) for paratha is advised.
Since summer has set in, a nice cold beverage works wonders. Lassi with fruits is a delectable drink. It is made of yogurt which is a source of micronutrients. Adding fruits intensifies the taste and increases vitamin C content.
“Maintaining a balanced diet is very important at the present scenario. The diet should include chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, rice, fruits etc. However, overdoing it is not good either. Eating the right amount is necessary. Apart from these there are certain minerals and micronutrients that cannot be found in food sources; therefore, consuming a few health drinks is desirable. Diet and exercise is interdependent. Engaging in a few home workouts or short walks is beneficial”, Ms. Mita Shukla added.

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