Content Announcement of “MOJOPLEX”,An OTT Platform

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MOJOPLEX is an over the top streaming platform owned by Abhijit Hazra and Abhishek Mishra. Already known in the market now MOJOPLEX is arriving with some original contents from 15th November’2021. It offers original Web-Series, Original Films, Short Films, non-fiction shows.
MOJOPLEX delivers premium content experiences in all genres from thriller to drama to comedies to sci fi across all age groups and genders. MOJOPLEX is a tribute towards the love received from all our audience throughout the last four decades, and focuses exclusively on Bengali content for every one worldwide.

MOJOPLEX is coming on both Android and iOS (apple)

MOJOPLEX Senior Management Team :

Arnab Roy
Tooofan Mukherjee
Shrestha Ganguly

Content brief: –

Initially MOJOPLEX is launching 2 original Web-series, details of both the original content getting streamed are shared as below:

Star-cast: Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Sanjana Banerjee, Shraddha Das, Dipanjan, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Abhishek Chatterjee

Director: Anshuman Pratyush

Synopsis: The story begins with Arnab running frantically and desperately through various lanes late at night. It is obvious he is in a state of panic and is trying to save his life. He finally reaches the main road, and finds a cab. He somehow manages to convince the cab driver to drop him to a particular address. As the cab leaves, Arnab’s relief seems evident.
Next morning, the cab driver’s dead body is found. The Police begin their investigation, and find
CCTV footage showing Arnab’s face. As the Police begin searching for Arnab, Arnab’s dual
personality is explored. He has a wife and seems an absolutely normal middle-class guy when at
home. But on the professional front, Arnab seems like a cold-blooded murderer. He even murders the Defence Minister’s personal secretary. The Police realize that they have no information about Arnab and that all his official records are fake. The Police finally publish Arnab’s photographs across Media. They get to know about Arnab’s house through this act. But by the time they reach the house, Arnab has already murdered his wife, Mitali, and fled.
With the case getting extremely complicated, CID gets into action. Nandita, a dashing CID officer is appointed to handle the case. A cat and mouse chase begin from here on. What happens next is to watch out for from 15th November’2021


Star-cast: Devtanu, Subhosmita

Director: Abhishek Chowdhury

Synopsis: In the year of 2030 , people are affected by virus called FOMO virus (fear Of Missing Out). It affects the human psychology, make them paralyzed and turns into TikiZombies. This is a journey of a struggling actor, who wants to survive in a scenario where everyone wants to depend on the virtual aspects of life. He wanted to rebel against the system by creating the antidote. Does he succeed to do so? Need to binge to know about it.
Streaming from 15th November’2021

MOJOPLEX commits to bring 10+ new original web-series within the first few month ….

Subscription: –
Android Platform – 1 Rupee /day
iOS Platform – 1 Rupee /day

Stream, Watch, Subscribe MOJOPLEX.

Today Content Announcement , logo launch and press meet of OTT Platform ‘MOJOPLEX’ was happend at The Park, Kolkata in presence of many dignitaries from tollywood industry.Here is the exclusive pictures from that event.

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