Coming Together of Warm Hearts and Giving Hands

✍️By Special Correspondent

A CSR event was conducted by Shantineer in association with the philanthropist Aruna Arya Gupta to spread smiles, warmth and share some thoughtful moments with the senior residents of the home.
Shantineer is a one-of-a-kind old-age home with a strength of 350 elderly members on board. They have revolutionized the idea of running a non-profit organization by identifying the causes of healthcare challenges related to the elderly and coming up with innovative solutions in order to adopt a holistic approach to empower, protect, guide and sustain the senior members living with them.
Among the seventeen branches of Shantineer spread across the City of Joy, the one located in Kasba was graced by Aruna Arya Gupta’s presence. Besides being a critically acclaimed poet, singer, author and internet sensation, Aruna Arya Gupta has always invested her broad vision, simplicity, humility and generosity towards social causes both in the United States and India. In light of her undying passion for Philanthropy, she joined hands with Shantineer to interact and spend some quality time with their residents. The elderly residents bubbled with energy, as they shook a leg and hummed to the tunes of evergreen songs.
The activity was followed by an interactive session where both Aruna Arya Gupta and the residents poured their hearts out to each other, sharing their childhood memories, sorrows, struggles, happy moments and a lot more. Aruna Arya Gupta expressed her fulfilment, with her eyes welling up at numerous instances, “The visit to the old age home was a fulfilling experience for me as I came back with not only memories but also some valuable lessons. I was so moved after meeting with the Shantineer residents that I have vowed to work tirelessly on my philanthropic endeavours both in the US as well as in India.”
The evening finally culminated into a gastronomic affair where Aruna Arya Gupta shared mouth-watering delicacies with the senior residents of Shantineer. Mr. Abhijit Das, Founder and Managing Director of Shantineer finally concluded, “The visit left a deep impact on our conscience, our hearts and souls. The visit was an epiphany and each one of us determined to firmly stand by our parents and elders, through thick and thin.”
The event commenced with the elderly residents motivating her all with their hankering hearts and unwavering hopes.

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