Collaboration of ePayLater, the SME Credit Platform with JioMart Partner

• JioMart Partner (JMP) offers all product categories under one roof helping B2B Customers with hassle free buying from one source. It is supported by superior service levels, competitive pricing, convenient payment options & credit for buying of all categories to customers in Kirana, Chemists, HoReCa & Institutions segments
• ePayLater, a leading FinTech in the B2B lending space, has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to empower stakeholders in $500 Bn food and groceries value chain. It has collaborated with JioMart Partner to offer line of credit to B2B Customers. This will help these customer adapt to new technologies, grow their business multi-fold & be prepared for better future tomorrow

ePayLater & JioMart Partner collaboration is aimed at transforming retail distribution in India. Through this industry-defining collaboration, retailers will benefit through seamless supply through digital platform of JioMart Partner & also gain much needed easiest-to-access line of credit with ePayLater.
JioMart Partner, the eB2B new commerce platform of Reliance Retail, is creating a seamless supply partnership with all type of shops including mid and small shops in cities & in small towns as well as rural India who are typically underserved by traditional channels. The initiative is strengthening its reach in Metro cities & improving its footprint in Tier 2/3 towns.
Typically, the owners of mom-and-pop stores do not have easy access to formal credit through banks due to lack of sufficient collaterals. JioMart Partner’s digital integration with ePayLater is helping such customers get a line of credit as the process of scrutinising and approving credit is very seamless, fast and easy. It takes less than 5 mins for one to register on ePayLater & can be done through one’s phone.
With ePayLater, JioMart is able to offer line of credit for all purchases at very lucrative rate including interest free days, enabling small businesses with easy access to working capital and helping them to maximize their business potential. B2B Customers see quick increase in their line of credit basis their purchases from JioMart Partner. The partnership of JioMart Partners’ rapid growth & great offering by ePayLater will benefit lakhs of small kiranas in the cities & villages of India.
A cornerstone of the philosophy at ePayLater is empowerment. This is achieved directly through the line of credit offered & indirectly, through a tremendous wave of financial literacy done by ePayLater which helps small businesses in a far more holistic way.
Uday Somayajula, Co-Founder of ePayLater explains why the partnership creates a force multiplier, “We have all experienced the tremendous impact the Kirana stores have with their customer-centricity. Today, ePayLater aims to innovate without sacrificing the care extended to the customer. By combining new-age technologies and deep domain expertise, we create scale-ready financial solutions that allows these small businesses to leverage their entrepreneurial DNA towards driving newer innovations & improve their business”.
“We are excited about the partnership as our core beliefs are firmly aligned to ensure the small businesses across the country are empowered. With an ability to empower Kirana shops with credit through quick & 100% digital solution, we allow them to turbo-charge business growth while eliminating risk and operational inefficiencies”, added Uday Somayajula.
The ePayLater & JioMart Partner collaboration will further Reliance Retail’s aim of improving the lives of small business owners with holistic support for B2B supplies, digital transformation & easy payment/credit solutions. JioMart Partner is helping small B2B customers to adapt to the newer technology, be future ready & contribute to Indian economy.

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