CMRI conducts its successful 100th Robot-assisted Joint Replacement surgery this September

CMRI, the multi-speciality hospital of Kolkata has successfully conducted its 100th Robot-assisted joint replacement surgery today. It had introduced Robotic Ortho Surgery for the first time in Eastern India, this high end complicated replacement procedure enables the surgeons to deliver more predictable outcome along with increased accuracy even in the dire cases. CMRI has benchmarked itself as a centre of excellence in Orthopaedics, providing the best clinical treatment to the patients with the help of expert surgeons from all over India.
Robotic surgery preserves all the natural structures of the joint and eliminates the possibilities of human error and ensures perfect alignment which ultimately increases the longevity of the joint implant. The highly desirable results in the patients during the post-surgery phase are the results of the advanced computer technology which was used with the experience intelligence to enable precision and accuracy at the maximum level. It had also enabled the surgeons to replace only the damaged part of the knee with absolute perfection, saving all the other normal structures of the joint.
According to Dr. Rakesh Rajput, the renowned orthopaedic robotic surgeon of CMRI, “We have recently completed hundredth Robot-assisted knee replacement surgery this month. I had performed the first successful Robotics joint replacement surgery in Kolkata. Within six months of the launch of this advanced technology in February this year, this milestone should certainly be considered as an eminent achievement on the part of the surgeons and staffs of CMRI. People are now overcoming the deadly lash of the second wave of Covid-19 and are empowering the fear of visiting medical centres. More patients are coming out to our hospital with their problems which is definitely one of the prime reasons behind our outstanding success rate. Since most of the people are still unwilling extend their stay at the hospitals, such surgeries offer them an experience similar to day-care surgeries. Most of the patients have given satisfactory feedbacks depending on the aspects like immediate recovery; early discharge and minimal blood loss etc also play their part. Our surgeons and staffs are maintaining all the Covid protocols while delivering the treatment. We are encouraging more patients to come forward as it is equally beneficial for the young people too who intend to return to their active lifestyle sooner and elderly people who are at risk of undergoing a knee replacement.”

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