City witnesses the Grand Finale Ceremony of the 4th edition of “Top Food Blogger Awards 2021”

Kolkata, 24th September, 2021: The fourth edition of Top Food Blogger Awards (TFBA) presented by Candid Communication and Sidd’s Hospitality was held at Raajkutir Swabhumi today. The event witnessed more than 500 nominations this year. The judge’s panel for the fourth edition of the TFBA comprised Celebrity Chef, Mr. Shaun Kenworthy, Mr. Sumanta Chakrabarti, Corporate Chef of Ambuja Neotia, Mr. Asif Ahmed, co-owner ,Sanjha Chulha; and Ms. Salmoli Mukerji, eminent food critic and journalist. This year, this prestigious event is hosted by Raajkutir Swabhumi.

At the grand occasion of TFBA 2021, the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Awards” was conferred to K. C. Das Private Ltd. Mr. Dhiman Das, Director, K. C. Das Private Ltd. collected the Awards on behalf of the iconic institution-famed to be the founders of Rosogolla in Eastern India.

Food is a religion in Eastern part of India, more so in Bengal. If chefs are considered to be the Gods’ of this religion, then Food Bloggers are the Messiahs. Messengers who visit the various worship pockets to bring to us each minute and every detail of the hidden ingredients which our naked eyes can’t visualize but the sensitive palates of these Messiahs can taste and identify. They invest valuable time to understand each of these ingredients and unfold the mystery behind each food. Therefore, it’s time we show our gratitude to these Messiahs and thank them in our unique way and recognize them for the message they unscramble for us.

Speaking at the Grand Occasion of TFBA 2021 Ms. Paromita Ghosh, Director, Candid Communication said “The pandemic has affected every sector at a large scale. Still we have managed to come up with the fourth season of the Top Food Blogger Awards by maintaining all the Covid protocols. I would like to thank everyone who has come forward for this event. Our main objective behind organizing TFBA season 4.0 is to recognize and reward the efforts the bloggers have been putting in to keep the hospitality and F&B industries alive in this pandemic situation.”

Speaking at the Grand Occasion of TFBA 2021 Mr. Ankur Siddiqui, Director, Sidd’s Hospitality said “This one and a half years has been difficult times, testing times for the hospitality sector , however the blogging fraternity is playing a noteworthy role in the revival of our industry and for which my deepest gratitude to the blogging fraternity . I believe the primary objective of the TFBA has always been to reward and recognize the efforts put by the blogging fraternity by the respective bloggers and to create a platform that motivates young bloggers who would like to come into this field.”

Speaking at the Grand Occasion of TFBA 2021, Mr. Rakesh Ranjan, Business Head, Raajkutir Swabhumi said “We are extremely honoured and excited to host this prestigious award at Raajkutir Swabhumi. We congratulate all the winners and kudos to the team of TFBA for organizing such thoughtful felicitations for the bloggers.”

The Procedural Aspects:

The nominations were opened from 7th September 2021, to 18th September 2021, midnight. Then the jury decided the winners from each category.

This year the total numbers of Awards were 13. The categories were Best Food Travel Blog, Most Inspired Weeknight Dinners, Best Food Instagram, Best Drinks Blog, Best Baking & Sweets Blog, Best Style & Design Blog, Food & Culture Blog Awards, Best Food Videos, Best New Food Grammar, Best Photography, The Obsessive Awards: Best Special Interest Blog, Nuveau Food Blogger of the year, Best Storytelling Blog of the year, Lifestyle Fashion & Travel Awards.

And the winners are:

Ms. Koninika De for the “Best Food Travel Blog” category, Ms. Devpurna Talapatra for the “Most Inspired Weeknight Dinner”, Ms. Shrestha Sharma for “The Best Food Instagram”, Mr. Souvik Bhattacharya for “The Best Drinks Blog” category, Ms. Koninika De for “The Best Baking and Sweets Blog”, Mr. Jude Martin for “Food & Culture Blog”, Ms. Raina Kshetry for the “Best Food Videos”, Ms. Badhan Sarkar for the “Best New Food Grammer”, Ms. Koninika De for the “Best Photography” category, Ms. Poorna Banerjee for “The Obsessive Award: Best Special Interest Blog”, Dr. Nilanjana Bhattacharyya for the “Best Storytelling Blog Of The Year”, Ms. Rajnee Khaitan for the “Best Lifestyle And Fashion Blog of the year”, Ms. Pritha Paul for the “Nuveau Food Blogger of the year”.

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