Child nutrition brand ‘Groviva’ launched in West Bengal with features to ensure safety, hygiene and ease of use

Kolkata, 19 November 2021: The Umesh Modi Group (UK Modi Group), a diversified industrial conglomerate with interests in Pharma, Health & Nutrition, Cosmetics, Writing instruments, Power, Sugar industries and AlcoBevs, today announced the launch of child-nutrition brand Groviva in Kolkata. West Bengal which contributes almost 20% to the child health drinks category is the first state identified for the launch of ‘New Groviva’.


Groviva is the flagship brand of Signutra, the Health & Nutrition division of UK Modi Group, catering to the nutritional requirements of children 2 years & above for addressing their overall growth & development. Mr. Umesh K Modi, Chairman, UK Modi Group and popular Bengali Actor, Subhashree Ganguly unveiled the new product at an event hosted in the city today. West Bengal, the top contributing market (20%) for child health drinks category is the first state to launch New Groviva.

Mr. Umesh K Modi, Chairman, UK Modi Group said, “We are absolutely thrilled to bring Groviva to West Bengal. Over the last 3 years, Groviva has gained significant recognition for its formulation as per Indian standards and thus, seen high-levels of recommendations by Indian paediatricians in the child nutrition category, making it the topmost prescribed brand in the category. We have developed its formulation in such a way that consumers can continue to use just 2 scoops of the product, twice a day while getting the right dose of nutrition. I am sure New Groviva will also get the same level of acceptance in West Bengal, a state with discerning consumers with strong appetite for high-quality products. 

Mr. Modi also thanked Ms. Subhashree Ganguly, a mother herself, for joining the Group for the launch of the product. “The support of Ms. Ganguly will go a long way in cementing the brand’s ethos and credence as a superior, quality product for the overall growth and development of children. Mothers are known to be extra careful and cautious about products they give their child. We thank Ms. Ganguly for her presence and supporting us for the launch today.” 

Besides promoting the brand to the consumers Signutra intends to implement an aggressive distribution strategy across all channels Chemists, Grocers & Modern Trade. “We are also exploring to increase the current contribution of e-commerce from 11% to 20%”, Mr Modi said. 

Groviva contains 38 key nutrients including Certi5 signature nutrients and complies with ICMR guidelines. The product is taste tested and customised as per the Indian palate. According to an AC Nielsen research conducted on ~900 mothers and ~600 children,  Groviva was rated superior in taste, aroma, color, mouthfeel and after taste compared to the leading brands in the category. Similarly, Groviva was used in one of the largest observational studies conducted on 763 Indian kids by 146 Paediatricians across 116 cities in India to assess the role of nutritional supplement in growth & development in children 2 -12 years. There was a statistically significant improvement in height, weight & BMI observed within 6 months of intake. The study is also published in the 32nd World Congress of Paediatrics, Barcelona Spain. 

Mr Ravi Vaidyanathan, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Signutra said, “Apart from the importance of a good formulation, taste is the most important & critical aspect of Child health drink. Groviva offers a basket of delicious 4 flavours Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango. The pack has been designed as per the consumers’ needs and consumption behaviour. The premium pack has a unique click & store mechanism including Neck, collar, lid & scoop. The package ensures easy access & hygiene, prevents deterioration, protects from air, assures correct dosage, maintains stability and is easy to use.”

In a short span of just 3 years, Groviva has become the most prescribed brand in the child nutrition space by Paediatricians (MAT Jul 19). Groviva is now ready to move to the consumer front and gain the trust of masses. Currently Groviva has 9% Market share (IQVIA Sep 21) and is eyeing an aggressive 25% market share by 2025. 
“While the Group understands that it’s not going to be a walk in the park with the category dominated by multinational giants, we are confident and ready to invest heavily in the brand backed up by strong marketing plans”, Vaidyanathan concluded.

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