Calcutta to Kolkata – A love story

By Special Correspondent

Indiatourism Kolkata, the Eastern Regional Office of the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India in association with Foodka, a Youtube Channel, patronised by the famous Mir Afsar Ali, Indrajit Lahiri, and Sunando Banerjee is coming up with “Calcutta to Kolkata-A love story” to celebrate the confluence of the Legacy of Calcutta and Flamboyance of Kolkata.
Kolkata, or shall we call it Calcutta, is a city which is ever-evolving. From the village trios of Sutanuti-Gobindapur-Kolikata, to the modern city that it is today- this city has evolved a lot. Multiple communities have come here, got themselves settled and enriched the local culture. For us, the heritage of the city is not only old buildings, or yellow taxi, or hand-pulled rickshaw only. It’s much beyond that. It’s a co-existence of different communities- it’s being the perfect melting pot of different cultures. And food, being the great leveler that it is, gives a perfect layering to this confluence of culture. Collaboration of Incredible !ndia, the most followed Government of India Brand in the World and Foodka-the YouTube Sensation with close to 3L subscribers conceived the idea of creating stories around two cities- two parallel, yet interconnecting worlds- Calcutta and Kolkata. The vision is to showcase to the world the stories of Kolkata- via the culinary root. To showcase the varied streetfood, as well as premium properties- the heritage Calcutta, as well as the new Kolkata. And Foodka Season 7, with Indiatourism Kolkata, tries to tell the story of two cities- Calcutta to Kolkata which would not only mesmerize the tourists but also the citizens of Kolkata would explore many untold stories and unfold the legacy of this charming city. Stay tuned to the Social Media Handles (Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Instagram account) of Indiatourism Kolkata and Foodka (YouTube Channel and Facebook Page) for these blockbusters.

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