‘Borsho Borone Bibiyana’ calendar launched to serve the nobel cause of stray animals’ welfare

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To serve the nobel cause of stray animals’ welfare, ‘Shibani Munsi Production’s* Bengali New year calendar, named ‘Borsho Borone Bibiyana’ has been launched on 30th April, at Princeton Club .The entire money raised by the calendar is going to be contributed to welfare of stray animals. Writer director Paramita Munsi Bhattacharjee has directed the entire calendar shoot. She gave her tribute to womanhood through this calendar and has drawn her inspiration from ancient Indian culture to contemporary Bengali literature.

Beside the aesthetic the calendar is entirely devoted to the nobel cause of animal welfare. The money raised by this calendar will be given to the cause of welfare of stray animals.

Legendary film actor Chiranjit Chakraborty and Kolkata Police joint commissioner Sujoy Chanda was present as honourary guest at the grand launch event. Debaleena Dutt Mukherjee, Lajbonti Roy, Reshmi Mitra, Rupa Majumdar, Raunak Majumder, Lieutenant Dr. Manami Samaddar Sukanya Rakshit Gupta were also present at the grand launch event. While speaking about the calendar and the nobel cause it is connected to, legendary actor Chiranjit Chakraborty said, “It is indeed a great initiative taken by Paramita Munsi Bhattacharjee to serve through this calendar. Her decision to contribute the money to stray animals’ welfare raised by this calendar is just outstanding. Stray animals in our country face dire cruelty every day, but I dream for a country where they can also co-exist cordially with human. But until then such efforts are always needful to our society, I am quite overjoyed to be a part of this calendar launch event.” On the other hand Kolkata Police joint commissioner Sujoy Chanda also very happy to join the event, he said, “I am feeling quite blissful to attain the event as a guest and I support the social cause related to this calendar launch with my entire heart.

Debaleena Dutt Mukherjee, who also took part as a model in this calendar and is one of the most notable animal activists of Kolkata said, “I feel agitated when I am referred to the very phrase animal activist. We have our responsibility towards the entire animal world, and we have to serve them, so the tag sometimes feel meaningless. I know Paramita for a long time, it is not the first time she is serving the cause of animal welfare, I have always supported her, and will support too in future.”

Whereas, director Paramita Munsi Bhattacharjee said, “Today, (30th April) is my mother’s death anniversary. It is indeed a very sad day for me and all of my family members, but I am sure that this joyous event will give her soul much more peace as she was an ardent animal lover. We are contributing the entire money raised by the calendar to the welfare of stray animals. In such a severe time like this when everyone is so very afraid of the corona pandemic, I must humbly request everyone not to leave stray animals. They need our support to survive. We must maintain the natural equilibrium, or else much dire consequences will keep coming as threats to human civilization. We have already become the cause of the extinction of so many spices and are also suffering the payback, every animal serve their part to keep the environmental equilibrium intact, stray animals are also equally important, don’t leave them helpless. If you buy a calendar, that small contribution can save a stray animal’s life, think about it a bit, be a responsible citizen.”

‘Borsho Borone Bibiyana’ showcased different sheds of women who came from different backgrounds and made this calendar a great aesthetic success. From renowned actresses to lieutenants, social workers and film directors took part as models for this calendar shoot. Paramita Munsi Bhattacharjee directed this unique calendar shoot. Sudip Bhattacharjee was in charge of production design and Piyali Munsi was the creative director of the calendar.

Models: Debaleena Dutt Mukherjee, Pallavi Chatterjee, Lajbanti Roy, Reshmi Mitra, Piyali Munsi, Lieutenant Dr. Manami Samaddar, Lopamudra Das Sharma, Sukanya Rakshit Gupta, Rupa Majumder, Raunak Majumder, & Aritra Bhattacharya.

COSTUME: Irani Mitra







Gifts: BONOPHUL, SAMPURNA, spectacles Publishing help: Deb Sahitya Kutir.

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