“Anti-addiction awareness should be taught right from middle school or adolescence, where all the influx of the good and the bad start seeping in the psyche of a child.

It goes without saying how important mental and physical health are to life and how the two are interrelated.

I have seen a lot of death and destruction in my own family, in the society around me and in my profession, due to this fatal trap of addiction.

So my efforts to create this awareness, is right from childhood (classes 6/7) before it is too late…against all kinds of addiction (Cigarette ,alcohol, smart phones) and against all kinds of harmful popular trends(abusive language, online obscenity for popularity, gambling through online games, ragging,bullying etc.) through my interactive awareness program called ‘I AM THE KING OF MY MIND’.” – Bobby Chakraborty.

India’s renowned actor, social activist, acting coach Bobby Chakraborty, is spreading this awareness, free of cost, for more than a decade now. He has reached more than 400 schools, colleges and universities in villages and cities within India and abroad.

There are students like Ankit, Sumit, Shreyan, Ritam, Sampurna and many others, who are his loyal soldiers and volunteers of his vast army.

This very popular awareness program has won numerous awards and felicitations from many, including the Governor of West Bengal(twice) , West Bengal Police, Vice President of India, world famous His Holiness Dalai Lama etc.

Very soon, on 13th January, he is going to receive the much coveted ‘Bharat Dignity Award’ from ‘News Mania’.

If all goes well, he will soon be going to schools and colleges in Bangladesh with his awareness program.

In this society, where a large section of the youth is fatally ending up under the influence of various types of addiction and harmful social trends, we applaud this much needed awareness drive by Mr. Bobby Chakraborty.

Educational institutions, Principals etc. can contact Bobby Chakraborty on this email id – [email protected]

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