BDM International, as a school and Madhumita Sengupta,as the socially responsible Principal,are known for their holistic approach, beyond academics,towards the benefit of not only their own students, but towards the lesser privileged children of our society too.
That’s where the frequencies of actor/activist/teacher of Method Acting Bobby Chakraborty and Madhumita Sengupta match. Bobby too has been vociferously spreading the awareness against addiction and harmful social trends among the youth, globally, through his widely acclaimed, free of cost, interactive session titled ‘I am the king of my mind’ for over a decade now.
On March 9th , Bobby organised his 418th Anti Addiction Campaign and his 19th session at BDM International. The very fact that it was his 19th session proves the strong collaboration of this particular school and Bobby, as a changemaker of the society, beyond academics.
This particular session of Bobby, was a part of RYLA( ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS) 2024. It was a joint initiative between The Interact Club of B.D.M.International in association with ‘Rotary- Calcutta Chowrenghee’ and ‘Serving Together’, to ideate a colourful, day long event, for the lesser privileged children of our society,titled ‘Indradhanush’.

Senior Teacher Sunanda Roy,who has been a strong supporter of Bobby’s awareness program for over a decade, along with other respected teachers,curated everything perfectly, with the guidance of their Principal Madhumita Sengupta.
This extremely necessary, life changing session of Bobby had ‘Active Soldier’, Shreyaan Banerjee, a wonder kid studying in class -6 at BDM International, who is a former student of B. D. Memorial Junior School, participating in his 2nd AAC. He inspired and motivated every child and adult present in the auditorium with his smartness and focus, to lead a healthy life, away from all sorts of addiction and harmful social trends. His teamwork with his skipper Bobby was hugely appreciated and won over everyone’s heart present in the audience.

Shreyaan was also the chief D.O.P. and was assisted by soldier Atif Molla, a student of class 9 , from a village in Mallickpur.
The super infotaining (information+entertainment) session of Bobby had a terrific participation from all the children, who had assembled there from various NGO run schools in West Bengal.
The important title of the ‘1st soldier’ was won by Shreya and the surprise contest at the end had Washifa, Simmi and Ariyan as the winners, who along with Atif,were given special prizes and HCF (health career family) t-shirts by their beloved BobbyDada.
The memorable session ended with a thought provoking vote of thanks by The Principal Madhumita Sengupta and a cry in unison with Bobby and the students, along with the teachers, the mantra of a healthy life “I AM THE KING OF MY MIND “.
We highly appreciate this selfless initiative of Bobby and BDM International, to give these pertinent and all important life lessons to children, beyond their academic curriculum.

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